Wopke is happy to be released from Pieter Omtzigt

Omtzigt, with his overly upright views, was precisely the main obstacle to Hoekstra’s sole ambition as a politician.

It is not yet known exactly what Wopke Hoekstra will say during the CDA conference next weekend, but one thing is certain: he will often mention Pieter Omtzigt. Omtzigt the Great! The Unique! The Hero of the Courtyard! What a pity that this formidable politician has left our party! Wopke will argue that, as he did this morning in the AD. But he won’t mean it.

Because Omtzigt, with his overly upright views, was precisely the main obstacle to Hoekstra’s only ambition as a politician. He wants to form a cabinet with his great idol Mark Rutte as soon as possible. A majority government is unfortunately not in it, so for heaven’s sake only a minority government. If it were up to Hoekstra, it would only consist of the VVD and his own party, but then the minority coalition would have no more than 48 seats. If you can also count D66, there are 72. Still not enough, but with a little support the new cabinet will come a long way.

Only D66 is very annoying about this. It does not want to work with the CDA at all. Idiots! Why does that nasty Kaag always have to talk so much (which she swallows again shortly afterwards)? Why doesn’t she just behave exactly the way Mark wants? After all, Hoekstra does that too. If you want to become a minister (and Wopke would love to) there is no other solution, is there?

Of course, Hoekstra will not hang on to the CDA members during the party congress. He’s looking forward. The hall is undoubtedly full of full and half Omtzigt fans, and they want to hear very different things. They want him to come up with an ideologically inspired story to help the party get back on its feet. They want him not to keep his ears to Rutte. They demand that he do everything in his power to get Omtzigt back.

Hoekstra promised in the AD that he will work closely with Omtzigt to avoid all kinds of hassle. But his return is really out of the question. Wopke may make a weak attempt if Congress insists, but fortunately Omtzigt has no intention of returning to the womb of the party. He made that clear in a newspaper interview a few days ago. Hoekstra will rub this under the noses of his members, of course with the required undertone of regret in his voice. But don’t believe that Omtzigt will ever be welcomed back into the party. Though he should beg (which, blessed be the Lord, he will not do). As long as Wopke is in charge of the CDA, that nasty nuisance will no longer be allowed in.

There is still one major danger looming during the CDA congress. Some members – no idea how many – seem to want to pressure Hoekstra to become party leader in the House of Representatives. They believe that a party leader belongs in the House and not in the cabinet. But Wopke will never do that, although he gave the impression in the AD that he is keeping that option open. Should a motion of this reprehensible tenor be adopted, then of course he cannot but move to the blue benches. But then in no time a communiqué will reach the media that Hoekstra is saying goodbye to politics. That after careful consideration he has come to the conclusion that the Hague business is not so good for him after all. So that he has decided – with a heavy heart – to continue his career in business.

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