Will the corona vaccine stamp in the yellow booklet soon be a travel ticket?

The well-known yellow booklet, which contains someone’s vaccinations, will soon also receive a corona stamp from GGD. But this stamp, which you get after a corona vaccination, is not official proof of vaccination. You must show digital proof for travel.

Today it was announced that the GGDs are also putting the corona vaccination in the yellow book. This vaccination booklet is mainly used by people who travel a lot. It states exactly which vaccinations someone received. But this should not be confused with the European vaccination certificate, which we also call the corona passport.

Yellow booklet is not official proof of corona vaccine

Vaccinated persons must show the corona gate before the summer holidays. This is recognized by all countries in the EU. The aforementioned yellow booklet is not accepted as proof of vaccination in many countries.

The spokesperson calls the whole book “handy”, but a travel ticket, no. “The booklet has no value for the corona shots in that respect,” said the spokesperson. This means that the stamp may be useful for vaccinated persons, but you can only travel if you have a digital European certificate.

Corona passport is a travel ticket

That corona passport has not yet been officially completed. 15 June the will meet European Union about this and this should apply as a standard travel ticket. If everything is in place, the digital corona passport should take effect from 21 June. You can therefore show this via your smartphone during checks or a traveler prints out the QR code.

The minister confirms that every Dutch person who has been vaccinated has the vaccination passport for the summer holidays. What is not yet entirely clear is what the approach is for countries outside the EU.

The yellow booklet, or vaccination booklet, has been used by travelers for years. In some countries, the government requires shots for certain diseases. Think of yellow fever or hepatitis. The health organization WHO does accept the yellow booklet as proof of vaccination.

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