VVV-Venlo in deeper problems after defeat at PEC Zwolle

Compared to the last setup of his predecessor Hans de Koning, Lukuhay made three changes. Torino Hunte, Cristian Kum and Roy Gelmi appeared at the kick-off in the MAC³PARK stadium.

With them, the best chances in the first half were for VVV-Venlo. Within a minute there was a dangerous free kick from Vito van Crooy, which was tapped from under the crossbar. The greatest opportunity was given to Giorgos Giakoumakis. After a measured cross from Tobias Pachonik, he was able to head in freely from close range, but his effort missed all direction. Pachonik himself also had a nice chance, but shot right at Xavier Mous.

PEC Zwolle struggled to create real chances, but was dangerous a few times via long shots by Virgil Misidjan. Twice it was goalkeeper Thorsten Kirschbaum who managed to save the day.

Goals in quick succession

After the break, the home team showed itself to be sharper. That did not immediately lead to great opportunities, but after twenty minutes it was really hit with the first. A cross was headed wide by Thomas Lam, after which Slobodan Tedic lobbed the ball over Kirschbaum with a header. A few minutes later it was right again. After a headbutt from Danny Post, a scrimmage ensued and Gelmi finally hit the ball against the ropes.

As a result, the match was completely ignited and that mainly provided opportunities for PEC. First Kirschbaum saved on a header from Tedic (now it does) and then Sam Kersten hit the post. In the end it still became 2-1. After an unfortunate foul by Kum and intervention by the VAR, Lam pushed the ball in from eleven meters.

In the remainder, VVV-Venlo was unable to enforce great opportunities. In the meantime, PEC Zwolle was too sloppy in playing the counter, so it stayed at 2-1.

PEC Zwolle’s victory is the first under the leadership of Bert Konterman, who took over from John Stegeman on 27 February. The club from Overijssel is now firmly in thirteenth place. VVV-Venlo can be overtaken on Sunday afternoon by the current number sixteen Willem II, when the Tilburgers beat Vitesse.

‘With this we can continue’

Despite the defeat, there was cause for optimism at Lukuhay. “We can continue with what I saw in the first half. We started well, got the best chances and didn’t give much away. ”

Furthermore, the trainer could live with the penalty kick given. “Chris hit him lightly, you have to accept that. After that penalty kick, the time was too short to equalize. But we could have decided this game in the first half. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, we can happily make a few more minutes together in the next two weeks. I was satisfied with the mental toughness today. But you also need quality and that was just a little too little today. ”

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