Victim of violence in Hengelo appears to be councilor in Bronckhorst, man (80) who died nearby is probably family

A council member of the municipality of Bronckhorst was injured on Thursday morning in a violent incident in her home on Steenderenseweg in the outskirts of Hengelo. Shortly afterwards, a one-sided collision occurred a few dozen meters from the house, in which an 80-year-old man from Hengelo was killed.

The man drove his car into a tree, the victim is believed to be a relative of the injured woman. He would live in or near the same house as her, several sources report.

The 48-year-old woman is a councilor for coalition party GBB in Bronckhorst. “This is a huge shock. It makes you silent when this happens to a colleague. You don’t take that into account ”, says party leader Han Pelgrom of the local party.

He does not know what exactly happened this morning in Hengelo, but does report that the victim in the car is a relative of the councilor. The police cannot confirm this. “We are still working hard on the research, this will also be included. We cannot make any statements about that yet, ”said police spokesman José Albers.

Violence in the home

The accident happened a little before 10:30 am. It is still unclear exactly how the accident could have happened. Several ambulances and the trauma helicopter were called in. The road along the accident site was cleared shortly before 2 pm.

The fatal accident followed shortly after the violent incident in the home. The resident was injured and was taken to hospital for treatment. The police cannot say anything about the nature of her injuries and the reason for the violence.

However, the police are investigating a possible link between the two incidents. The forensic investigation service has been investigating this all day long in two places: in the house and at the place where the accident happened. That research is still ongoing. “We still need to speak to several people to clarify what exactly happened in the house and what the possible relationship is with the accident,” said police spokesman Albers.

No arrests yet

No one has yet been arrested in connection with the violence in the home. The police spokesperson does not want to anticipate whether one or more arrests are still expected. “It is still far too early to say anything about this,” says Albers, who further reports that today no more information is coming from the police about both incidents.

Mayor Marianne Besselink of the municipality of Bronckhorst has taken note of the incident and the accident, but cannot or will not say anything more about it now. “I can only say that I sympathize with those involved,” she says.

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