Vaccinated nursing home resident may again receive two visitors, cabinet takes over OMT advice

The cabinet is adopting the OMT advice to allow two visitors per resident instead of one in nursing homes. Sources report this to EenVandaag.

The effect of the vaccinations is starting to become clearly visible: fewer and fewer people are dying from the corona virus in nursing homes. Fewer people are also infected. That is why Prime Minister Mark Rutte will adopt the advice of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), which advocates an extension of the visiting scheme.

Facilitation for vaccinated residents

This means that again two visitors per day are allowed to visit. Something that many nursing home residents and their families are eagerly looking forward to.

But the relaxation will not immediately apply to everyone: for the time being, only residents who have been fully vaccinated are eligible for the extension. Because more and more nursing home residents are being vaccinated, this group will grow rapidly, expect the cabinet and OMT.

Quarantine period of 10 after 5 days

The OMT also recommends that vaccinated residents should be quarantined for only 5 days instead of 10 if they have been in contact with an infected person.

This advice will probably also be adopted by the Prime Minister.

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‘Bright spot after difficult period’

“The infection rates in nursing homes have fallen impressively, which is good news and a real ray of hope after a difficult period,” says internist and professor of geriatric medicine Cees Hertogh. “Nevertheless, we still have to be careful and not take too big steps. First see if the positive effects persist.”

People are also careful in the De Heemhaven nursing home in Heemstede. New residents are sometimes not yet fully vaccinated. It is also not always known from the staff who has or has not received an injection. In addition, the question arises: how long are you actually protected after vaccination? To prevent new corona outbreaks, De Heemhaven is still sticking to most of the measures for the time being.

Gather in common areas

Older people in the Heemhaven can come together more often in the communal areas, now that most residents have been vaccinated.

The management of the nursing home hopes to be able to implement further relaxation as soon as possible if things continue to go well.

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Devil’s dilemma

Going from one to two visitors at a time is in any case a valuable first step, says Hertogh. “It is so important for residents that you can see other people. That is essential for the quality of life. And also the communal meals and social activities, that is what people are really interested in.”

Nevertheless, the professor of geriatric medicine emphasizes that the trade-off between safety and quality of life will remain a diabolical dilemma for a long time to come: “We have to constantly monitor and take into account that the virus is circulating. There is also a lot that depends on how the virus develops. And whether vaccines will be able to handle new variants well. “


Hertogh also thinks that not all nursing homes can achieve the same easing at the same time: “It is customization, the responsible organization must decide for itself. Individual nursing homes know best what is possible, and how many residents have been vaccinated, for example. To adjust.”

In addition, Hertogh fears that the use of protective equipment and the general rules, such as keeping a distance of one and a half meters, will not simply disappear. But one thing is for sure: “We finally have the extra space that we were so desperate about, now that many residents have been vaccinated. I think there is really room for relaxation now.”

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