Utrecht residents enjoy King’s Day, municipality calls on not to come to the city anymore

Earlier, Amsterdam also called on people to stop coming to the capital.

Many Utrecht residents enjoy a sun-drenched King’s Day in their own hometown. Roommates from three different student houses play at the student complex IBB Flunkyball, with one house trying to knock over a bottle in the middle of the playing field with an empty beer crate. If they succeed, they drink from a can of beer until the bottle has been set up by the other student house. “Normally we would enjoy the flea market and parties in the city center, now we stay at home”, is the credo for one of the participants. “Soon we will do musical chairs and put a handkerchief. We do our very best to make it fun. ”

More towards the city center, six housemates from the Schoolstraat play volleyball in Park Lepelenburg. “Lovely here in the park after all those snow showers of the past few weeks,” says Wesley. “Unfortunately no King’s Night or a festival this year, but this is also good.” Robin and Kim are very pleased with the good place in the middle of the park where normally the free market for kids is held.

On the Vismarkt on the Oudegracht, Alieke tries out biscuits from one high above the Utrecht locals shop, but the passing walkers don’t really want to bite. From tomorrow, the terraces will be displayed at the bottom of the yards along the Oudegracht, but there are still countless Orange customers. There is also plenty of space in the Wilhelminapark in Utrecht-East. Numerous cyclists have come from the neighborhood.

Briefing every two hours

The crowds during King’s Day in Utrecht were manageable mid-afternoon, according to spokesman Jochem Hoogenboom of Mayor Sharon Dijksma. “Dijksma receives a briefing about the state of affairs every two hours. There is a lot of enforcement and police in action and there are also public attendants everywhere, especially in the city center. We have eyes and ears everywhere and can intervene quickly if necessary in the event of a run-up. ”

The mayor has been on the road this morning. “We have started hoisting the flag in front of the town hall. Then we went to the Dom where the carillonneur gave a concert. At the Janskerkhof we visited the Utrechtsch Studenten Corps and UVSV. They provide three live streams, including a children’s disco. The mayor has expressed her appreciation for this, because it makes it easier to stay at home. ”

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