Two-month-old son Ferri Somogyi on IC on a ventilator brother also admitted

Twee’s two-month-old twins GTSTactor Ferri Somogyi was recently hospitalized. One of the boys was even on a ventilator for some time in the intensive care unit. He also had to be treated in another hospital, which meant that the parents had to commute between the locations and their daughter Véda (2) at home. “It was really just surviving,” their mother Noëlle writes on Instagram.

Lux and Imre were born prematurely last May at 35 weeks of pregnancy, but initially made up for it. At the beginning of this month, they both contracted the so-called RS virus, a common cold virus that is normally quite harmless. However, premature babies are at greater risk of complications. Both boys were admitted to an unknown hospital and Lux ​​had to be fed through a tube, but remained stable and was allowed to go home after a few days.

“Imre was less lucky,” Noëlle writes with photos of the little one in the hospital. He also got the Rhinovirus, also a cold. ‘Last Thursday he was transferred by ambulance to the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and there he is in intensive care. Until yesterday he was on a ventilator and he slept,” said Noëlle, who found it heartbreaking to watch.

“It is very sad and stressful to see your little man so ill,” she wrote. ‘Because he retained a lot of fluid, he didn’t really look like himself, and the sight of the respiration, tubes and all the infusions are also tough to see.’

Strengthening at home

According to his mother, the boy has been given medicines, antibiotics and extra blood, which means that he is now doing better. ‘Today I turned 30 and my best gift is that Imre is making progress and can go back to the hospital near us today. Here he will continue to get sick, gain strength and learn to drink from the bottle again.’

Ferri (48) and Noëlle had a son in one hospital last week, a son in another hospital and their daughter at home. ‘It really took a while for us to survive because of the tension and fatigue’, writes Noëlle. ‘I am so proud of our little fighters! Hopefully Imre will be home with us soon too.’

The couple is very grateful to the healthcare staff at both hospitals. ‘For the quick action and the super care. It wouldn’t have turned out like this without them.’


The RIVM recently established that there is an epidemic of the RS virus. The symptoms are similar to those of a cold. In babies and toddlers, it can cause great shortness of breath due to inflammation of the small airways or pneumonia.

The virus is often the cause of respiratory infections in weakened elderly people, but in the Netherlands it rarely leads to death in both groups. According to the RIVM, infection with the RS virus in children is difficult to prevent, but washing hands often and using paper tissues reduces the risk.

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