This is what we know so far about the suspects of the attack on Peter R. de Vries

Kamil Pawel E. was arrested a few hours after the shooting on the A4 near Leidschendam, on suspicion of involvement in the attack on De Vries’ life. The 35-year-old man comes from Maurik, where he has a one-man business and is active as a carpenter, painter and glazier. He is married with two children, the third is on the way. The family previously lived in Tiel.

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a few hours after his arrest, the police searched E.’s home on the Goudenregenstraat in Maurik. A white Toyota is also being combed. A recovery company takes the car. Police have yet to say anything about what was found in the home and the car. The mayor of the municipality of Buren says he understands that the residents of Maurik are very shocked.

The Polish news channel TVN24 reports that E. is wanted in his homeland. The Polish police have issued an arrest warrant for thefts and robberies in which E. was allegedly involved. In the Netherlands, E. would have been arrested shortly before the attack on Peter R. de Vries because he would have threatened someone, but also released.

The rapper from Tiel

Delano G. is the second suspect in the case. He was also arrested a few hours after the shooting on the A4 near Leidschendam. The 21-year-old man is from Rotterdam, but also has a house in the Passewaaij district in Tiel. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a few hours after G. was arrested, the police raided the house where G. grew up. The man’s family still lives in that house.

Local residents say that G. moved from Tiel to Rotterdam about three years ago. He would also have become a father since then. Several people in Tiel say they know that G. releases rap music. He has his own record label, Demper Music, which is registered in Tiel.

G. would be a first cousin of Jaouad W., who in turn has ties with top criminal Ridouan Taghi. Just like his cousin Delano, Jaouad (40) is also from Tiel. Jaouad is currently in prison, where he is serving a 13-year prison sentence. The Public Prosecution Service sees him as the leader of a group of criminals.

Fixed and in limitations

It is not yet clear how Kamil Pawel E. and Delano G. know each other. The two were together in the silver-colored car that was stopped along the A4. They are in complete restrictions because means they can only talk to their lawyer. The examining magistrate determined last Friday that their pre-trial detention with two weeks is extended.

When those two weeks are over, Kamil Pawel E. and Delano G. can be brought before the chamber of the court if there are serious suspicions. He will then assess and extend the pre-trial detention by a maximum of ninety days. A public hearing in court must then follow.

Uncertainty about De Vries

The first days after the assassination attempt on Peter R. de Vries, the general coverage in the national media was that he was fighting for his life. The Algemeen Dagblad and Het Parool reported on Thursday that his condition is critical, but stable. He would be breathing on his own and have a pulse, but not yet be conscious.

A day after the attack, De Vries’ son Royce announced via Twitter that ‘the worst nightmare’ of the family had become reality. “We as a family surround Peter with love and hope in this difficult phase. Much is still uncertain, but what is certain is that all expressions of support from all over the country now offer a lot of support,” Royce said.

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