The neighborhood is in shock after the remains of a baby in the backyard this is inhumane

She shakes head over the large-scale police investigation the day before. “I have no idea what happened,” she says. “I’ve been reading all day on Teletext that the remains of a baby have been found in the garden.”

It is not yet clear how long the child had been there and how it died. She also does not know if the woman was pregnant. “I thought they were fatter last year and then asked her.” No, how did you get along? “She said to me. I don’t know more either. I didn’t think about that baby for a moment yesterday either.”

‘Scared as a neighborhood’

Two dixies (mobile toilets) in the street are a reminder of the police investigation. The occupant of the house is not there. “He slept at home last night and was picked up by his father this morning,” says a woman walking past, visibly shocked by the baby remains found. “This is very bad, you don’t do that. It’s inhumane.”

She says the family has lived there “for about ten or twelve years.” “She is not from here and I think she is deaf. It is a shock as a neighborhood, especially when it comes to a baby. They had two children, but they had already been removed from the house.”

A lot of fighting

The latter is confirmed by another woman in the neighborhood. “After the two children left home, she was suddenly very thin. That was about six months ago. There was a lot of arguing behind the door, we could have everything with us. About three months everything flew through. the house, you heard glass clinks. ”

She says “she hasn’t seen her all weekend.” She is visibly dismayed that such a drama has taken place in her street: “A baby corpse … Whether you do it yourself or someone else, how do you get that over your heart? That’s shocking.”


A little further on, two police officers are conducting a neighborhood investigation and mayor Peter de Baat van Montferland also walks into the street. “I’ll just have a look,” he says, referring to a press release that is being distributed for further comment.

That press release was sent not long afterwards, quoting the mayor: “I am shocked that after an investigation in ‘s-Heerenberg, the remains of a baby have actually been found. found in a garden makes this case even more radical. For what happened in the Krokusstraat, we have to wait patiently for the police investigation. Next Monday I will talk to residents from the neighborhood, to help this a place. ”

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