The miscast of Talitha Muusse at Op1 says a lot about the opportunism with which the talk show is made

An explosive media riddle, which Talitha Muusse raised on Friday evening at Media Inside. She told about her departure as a presenter at the KRONRCV evening of On 1, beginning this year. ‘Some political parties’, said Muusse, were ‘not happy’ with her and as a result she was ‘under a magnifying glass with so-and-so’. So-and-so hadn’t been eating pie when they heard of her appointment, so Muusse had been told by the editors, “Slow down a bit.”

It was possible to guess the political direction in which no cake was eaten: Muusse stopped the evening before VVD mastodons Ton Elias and Henk Kamp discussed the disastrous ‘Function elsewhere’ debate with colleague Sven Kockelmann. Then Muusse stated that she had been requested by the KRONCRV to remain silent during that conversation, which she refused. She was also told to delete sensitive old tweets.

We already know from talk show editors that there are all kinds of non-journalistic considerations, that there are tires to keep warm. There are even guests who can ban other guests (in June, Bilal Wahib’s manager, Nathan Moszkowicz, managed to get another Moszkowicz off the table). A press officer does not like to send his politician into a hedge of hostile interviewers – which is also why it is so useful to hire journalists for that task.

But On 1 wants exciting presenters in addition to exciting politicians and exciting celebrities and debates. So they put a young opinion-maker (not a journalist) next to a journalism heavyweight, with a modest resume and a strong opinion, in the hope of high-profile TV. If it turns out that she is indeed not an independent journalist and, at awkward moments, shows the personality for which she was brought in, she is asked to remain silent. That On 1 shooting himself in the foot precisely by stretching that elastic band between entertainment and journalism as far as possible is telling.

On 1presenter Jort Kelder said earlier this year that it was ‘a very strange idea’ that there would be a say from politics. “But it’s kind of an editorial and an atmosphere of… No, you can’t say everything, to be honest, no.” This was before it turned out that Kelder had financed FvD films, a little further ahead On 1 no problem. On screen, he remains excellent in his role.

But Muusse was a miscast and doesn’t play the game anymore. It may now be mentioned that Muusse does indeed have a tone that was annoyingly hanging over interviews, and she turned out not to be a true interviewer either. What exactly was said about this and by whom, she did not say, but the accusation that the KRO would rather join politics than stand behind a hastily thrown on TV presenter is alarming. Just like the idea that press officers had a voice in her casting.

By the way, the KRO throws ‘every suggestion of political interference get rid of it’ and says he is collaborating in an investigation. It is expected that exactly zero colleagues will agree with Muusse. Presenters had better stick to the text. Silence is the most independent.

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