The criminal trial against the main suspects in the Zwolle underworld war

The suspects, brothers Idris and Abas, were in charge of drug gang Ali 24/7, according to justice. That group had a conflict with another drug organization, which made Zwolle at times seemed like a war zone.

With revenge as a motive, machine guns were used to take out the opponent. Idris was also a victim herself. He was shot in September 2019 in the Stadshagen district. For the police, the starting point for various investigations.

Crime reporter Tom Meerbeek of RTV Oost follows the criminal trial. In this message, he will keep you informed of developments from the courtroom.

Update 13.40

The suspects, Abas in particular, seem to know the investigation file completely by heart. Abas effortlessly scoops up data, telephone numbers or other details. You will then see the public prosecutor and lawyers busy browsing through thick folders.

Update 14.15

Lawyers for Idris and Abas point to reports from the opposing party, or witnesses, that speak about their clients: “I mentioned Abas to the police, they are getting 20 years, haha.” Or another message: “We have decided it is better to keep them locked up for 10 years.”

Update 13.45

According to Idris, Abas and their lawyers, ‘Lange’ is indeed behind the assassination attempt on Idris in Stadshagen. For example, on the morning after the attack, Lange texted: ‘There was a damper on it’. “How does Lange know? Was he there, or was he the shooter after all?” Asks Idris’s lawyer.

There are also reports in the investigation file about what ‘Lange’ had to say if he were to be arrested. “That shows how unreliable he is !?” The lawyers do everything they can to bring down the people who declare incriminating about their clients.

Update 13.30

According to Abas, several witnesses in the case have had frequent contact with each other to agree statements, to the detriment of Idris and Abas. That the witnesses came together would appear from the cell phone tower data.

The same data would show that the ‘opposing party’ of Abas and Idris ‘took’ the witnesses to the police station. Their cell phones light up masts near the police station.

Abas says the above to show that many people have worked together to put him and his brother Idris behind bars.

Update 13.15

The session has resumed. Idris has put on a thick coat, apparently he finds it cold in the courtroom.

Update 12.45

The most important news after the first morning of the criminal trial, summarized here. In summary: The machine gun that was used to fire Idris may have come from the underground weapon storage where the machine gun was used for the murder of Henk Wolters from Zwolle.

Update 12.10

The lawyers believe that the court has paid too little attention to the statements of various witnesses in the case. “They have had a lot of consultation with each other, to make things better for our clients.” They think that time should be set aside for this in the future.

Now there is lunch first. Suspension until 1 p.m.

Update 12.00

Jaemy later indicated that he was very sorry that he did “things”. “If I had known that the GPS had to be put down to kill someone later, I wouldn’t have done it.” Also about the night of the shooting in Holtenbroek: “I didn’t know what we were going to do.” He says he only later learned that they were on their way to kill Emin. Then he said he could not go back. “Abas fired. But the weapon failed after one shot.”

Update 11.45

Back to the planned assassination attempt on competitor Emin, October 2019. A GPS tracker was stuck under Emin’s car by Ali24 / 7 member Jaemy. He has known that. Jaemy says he got the beacon from Idris and Abas’s right hand, nicknamed The Girl. According to Jaemy, The Girl was then on the lookout.

Jaemy accidentally turned the tracker ‘off’ instead of ‘on’. Later on, Jaemy went back to turn on the beacon.

Jaemy also says that he drove to The Hague with Idris to buy a red Renault Clio. The attack on Emin was later committed with that car. Shots were fired from that car. The Clio was later found burned down, further down in Zwolle.

Update 11.35 am

Again, there seems to be a connection between Abas and Idris with the hidden weapons arsenal that was found on a Zwols estate last fall. In app conversations it is about “weapons and money hidden in barrels in the ground”. That’s exactly how the arsenal was found by the police.

They would also have wanted to search for the weapons with metal detectors, according to a text message. “We’re going to look at every tree.”

Update 11.25

Both Idris and Abas are in regular contact with others about buying weapons, the file shows. These are shotguns, Berettas, an AK47 machine gun, an Uzi 9mm. “Can they shoot through meat?”

One of the men they did business with, according to the police, is a suspect in Zwolle in a murder case in the Veluwe. In that case, a man from Apeldoorner was shot dead at a carpool place in Vaassen after a failed coke deal.

Update 11.15 am

There is a lot of bickering about the machine gun, the Zagi M-91. According to Abas, he was offered the weapon by ‘Lange’ in August 2019, but he did not buy it. That happened at a camp in Zwolle-zuid. “I think Tall Hendrik wanted to kill me then, but didn’t dare. Then he offered me the weapon.”

According to Abas’ lawyer Van Veen, it is significant that ‘Lange’ later sends a message to someone else. “Didn’t work, there were four of them.”

The OM says that that evening Abas tried out the machine gun with ‘Lange’ at the Milligerplas.

Update 11.05

In 2016, two Turkish brothers were shot on their way home. Just south of Zwolle, fires were fired from a racing car. According to the Turkish brothers, Idris and Abas are behind that murder attempt. “But none of that is true,” says Abas. “Since then they have been aiming for revenge, unjustly.”

These Turkish brothers are said to have conspired with Emin to subsequently have Idris and Abas locked up. “This investigation is based on lies.”

Update 11.00

Under target Emin’s car, a beacon is found by the police. It would have been pasted under it by yet another member of Ali24 / 7, named Jaemy. The transmitter was bought at a spy shop in Brabant.

According to Idris and Abas, the witnesses who went to the police (all former members of Ali24 / 7) have been influenced by the competing camp. (Consisting of mainly Turkish people from Zwolle, including Emin) “They just want to have us locked up for life,” say Idris and Abas.

Those witnesses themselves say they are terrified of Abas and Idris and therefore have gone to the police.

Update 10.45

Interesting: Bellboy ‘Lange’ says the automatic weapon (Zagi M-91) together with Abas in a forest in Zwolle -zuid. The question is whether this refers to the underground weapon storage, which was discovered last autumn. Among the weaponry that was found there was also the weapon with which Zwollenaar Henk Wolters was murdered.

The story of errand boy ‘Lange’ is confirmed by another alleged former member of Ali24 / 7. They have “test-fired” the weapon. “The weapon went in all directions, the thing was unbearable.” And he also confirms that 5,000 euros had been offered by Abas to kill Emin.

Incidentally, all members of Ali24 / 7 are called the “dogs of the Afghans” by a witness.

Update 10.30

Investigations into the brothers begin when Idris is shot at in the Stadshagen neighborhood. Shortly before, Abas had ordered a ‘errand boy’ to kill competitor Emin. The bellboy ‘Lange’ received 5000 euros and an automatic weapon, a Zagi M-91.

However, ‘Lange’ knew the intended target and he informed them.

Later Idris was shot at with the same Zagi M-91, possibly the same weapon.

Idris says he recognized ‘Tall’ as a shooter. But according to the police, he has an alibi. His iPhone beamed to a cell tower near his house. And it has a ‘tic’ by constantly changing the volume. That’s why he was released. According to Idris and Abas, it is an excuse that the police have been forced into.

The shooter of the shooting in Stadsagen has not (yet) been found.

Update 10.15

The suspects are in court. Idris has changed his appearance for the umpteenth time. The chairman calls it “a transformation”. Now he has shaved his head and a stubble beard. (Last time, long hair, occasionally a strong beard) He is wearing a sandy-colored shirt, jeans and sneakers.

His brother Abas has a long beard (longer than the previous times) wears his hair in a ponytail and a green shirt. Gold-rimmed glasses adorn his face.

Update 10.00

Idris and Abas’s lawyers have arrived. They are assisted by Mr. De Vilder and Mr. Van Veen.

Update 09.45

Idris and Abas face the judges to answer for two assassinations. One on competitor Emin Y., October 2019. He was shot at from a passing car.

But also for a wild west shooting in 2016, just south of Zwolle. A van with two Turkish brothers was shot from a moving car. They barely survive the attack. The Turkish boys are part of the competing group. The shooting is the starting point for the Zwolle underworld war. In both cases, Abas would have wielded the machine gun.

The last major suspicion they have to answer for is the hostage-taking of former blood brother ‘Bolle’. A disagreement had arisen with him after the demolition of his super luxury car. Bolle has told the police that he was run over by his former friends and then taken hostage. In that action, he said he was tormented and had to dig his own grave.

Update 09.30

Brothers Idris and Abas are suspected of several assassinations and a hostage situation. The people of Zwolle with Afghan roots are seen as the great leaders of the drug gang Ali 24/7. At a young age they come into contact with the police and the judicial authorities for possession of drugs and weapons. Together with blood brother ‘Bolle’ they have been in control of the regional drug trade for a while.

Idris often makes headlines in the news. In 2014, for example, his grill room exploded after arson. The whole facade flies out of the building. According to the OM, Idris himself is behind it, but he is not convicted. In 2019 he will be in the news again, after he was shot at in the child-rich district of Stadshagen. A barrage of bullets from a machine gun is fired at him, but he survives the assassination attempt. He is slightly injured.

Shortly before, according to the OM, he ordered a gang member to liquidate competitor Emin. However, the gang member has refused and informed Emin. The murder order then came back like a boomerang, is the thought.

Update 09.00

Fabienne ‘The Girl’ remains fixed until her substantive criminal trial. That should be on May 17. Her lawyer has not requested her release.

The lawsuit against the brothers Idris and Abas will start in an hour. The court expects to need all day today to discuss the police investigation. Tomorrow the sentence is expected against them. Then their lawyers can put forward a defense.

Update 08.45 am:

Around 10 o’clock the criminal trial will start against the main suspect brothers, Idris and Abas M. Before that, the court will consider the remand of co-suspect ‘The Girl’. Her criminal trial will not start until next month. The Public Prosecution would like her to stay in jail until then. She is suspected of being involved in an assassination attempt, drug trafficking and money laundering.
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