Son (22) kills councilor from Sint-Michielsgestel with hammer: seven years in prison

The 22-year-old son of municipal councilor Jack de Vlieger from Sint-Michielsgestel who killed his father with a hammer in August 2020, is sentenced to seven years in prison. The East Brabant court ruled that today. According to the court, there is no murder, but manslaughter.

The son arrived in a confused state at the home of his mother and brother in August last year. After some time he would have told them to call the emergency services, because his father was lying dead in the garage of his home in Sint-Michielsgestel. The police were called in and then found the deceased victim in the garage.

The 22-year-old suspect had an argument with his father that afternoon about his eating disorder. De Vlieger wanted to leave the house, while his son felt sad and hopeless at the hurtful words of his father. In that state of mind, the 22-year-old son picked up a hammer from the garage and waited for his father to return home. According to the convicted suspect, he just wanted to hurt his father and had no intention of killing him.

‘To be sure he was dead’

Once the councilor returned, the 22-year-old son hit him on the back with the hammer. The Vlieger then began to scream. His son stated in court that he decided at that point that his father had to die. The son then hit his father’s head several times with the hammer. The victim tried to flee and fell unconscious in the garage. The suspect thought his father was dead, but when he found out some time later that this was not the case, something snapped again and started hitting his father again until he was sure that the man was dead.

According to the public prosecutor, the suspect premeditatedly killed his father that afternoon. This would mean that there was murder, after which fifteen years in prison was demanded. The court sees this differently and takes the statement of the suspect as a starting point. This is not contrary to the technical evidence found by the police and the conclusions of the pathologist.

Upset of mind

According to the court, it has not emerged that the suspect had a preconceived plan. There was also a short time between the moment when he made the decision to kill his father and his actions. There are strong indications that the suspect acted in a violent mood. The court therefore acquits the suspect of murder, although he is guilty of manslaughter. The court finds a sentence of seven years in prison.

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