Six dead in supermarket: ‘He just started shooting’

According to ABC News, there are at least six victims. That would have been confirmed by the authorities to the news channel. In a branch of the supermarket chain King Sooper, an unknown person opened fire just before 3 p.m. local time. Officers who arrived on the scene were also shot. The Atlanta Journal Constitution also mentions six deaths, including an agent. Police commander Kerry Yamaguchi confirms that an officer has been killed. No statements are made about the number of injuries. “The only known injured person is the man who has been arrested.”

A video shows that a man in shorts was taken away in handcuffs. Whether this concerns the shooter and whether he was arrested is unclear. It is visible that one of his legs was covered with blood. For the time being he is described as a ‘person of interest’.

Another video shows victims lying on the floor in and outside the store. Shots are also heard. You will find the shocking images at the bottom of this article.

Two eyewitnesses speak of a cold-blooded attack. They saw the shooter come in. “He said nothing at all. He just came in and started shooting, ”one told Denver Post. The other added: “He fired a few shots, then paused and then fired a few more times. It was not a rain of bullets. ” The two men escaped through the back entrance of the store. In this way, many more people escaped from the store.

Until hours after the shooting started, the mall where the supermarket is located was still crawling with police officers. Armed officers were seen on the roof of the building. Apparently people were still not sure whether the shooter or shooters were still in the supermarket. That certainty was there around 6 pm local time.

Second suspect

In the meantime, a great alarm has also been raised elsewhere in the city. A second suspect might be in the vicinity of a secondary school. People are advised to stay indoors, but according to ABC News that would be a false alarm. According to the police, this second location is not related to the shooting in the supermarket.

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