Reproduction number coronavirus slightly up

23.43 – Aruba reintroduces corona measures

New, stricter corona measures will apply in Aruba from Saturday. That is because of the increase in the number of people infected with corona on the island. Aruba now has 754 corona infections.

The government is making the use of face masks mandatory again in public areas. That obligation was lifted on June 9, when there were 41 infected people on the island.

Another measure that will apply from Saturday is that all entertainment venues must close at midnight. Between 00.00 and 06.00 it is forbidden to stay on beaches or parking lots. The use of alcohol in public spaces is also completely prohibited from Saturday, i.e. 24 hours a day.

The government wants to use these measures to prevent people from gathering in groups and drinking too much. According to the authorities, young people in particular are often guilty of this. With the introduction of the measures, the government hopes to reduce the number of corona infections. The current increase appears to be mainly due to the highly contagious Delta variant.

16.15 – Reproduction number coronavirus slightly up

The reproduction number of the coronavirus has increased a fraction. The figure stood at 0.69 on Tuesday and has now become 0.72. When the number is below 1, the outbreak is under control.

A reproduction number of 0.72 means that a group of one hundred corona patients infects an average of 72 others. They transmit the virus to about 52 people, who in turn infect 37 people. With each step, the group of new cases gets smaller.

A few weeks ago the number was at 3 and that was just the highest level ever.

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) calculates the reproduction number every Tuesday and Friday. The figure is always about the situation two weeks earlier, because more recent figures are not yet reliable enough. The number of 0.72 refers to July 22.

15.20 – New side effects identified with corona vaccine Janssen

Janssen’s corona vaccine could lead to two more side effects, the European vaccine watchdog has determined. It’s about dizziness and tinnitus. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Amsterdam has therefore determined that these complaints must be stated on the package leaflet. The benefits of the vaccine outweigh the drawbacks, the organization emphasizes.

There are nearly 1,200 reports of people becoming dizzy after vaccination and just over a hundred reports of vaccinated people experiencing ringing or ringing in their ears.

The Janssen vaccine could also lead to so-called immune thrombocytopenia. In doing so, the immune system gets confused and attacks the platelets that are needed for blood to clot. This is currently listed on Janssen’s package insert as an important potential risk and should henceforth be referred to as an ‘important identified risk’.

The EMA is further investigating a potential link between AstraZeneca’s vaccine and Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a neurological disorder in which nerve cells become damaged. This is already listed as a very rare side effect in the package leaflet of the Janssen vaccine. The EMA is also investigating whether women might suffer from menstrual disorders after vaccination. Such a link has not yet been established, according to the regulator.

13.20 – Ministry: judgment on companies’ vaccination requirement is up to the judge

The Ministry of Health cannot say whether it is lawful for some travel companies and a dance school to want their customers to be fully vaccinated. A judge will ultimately have to consider whether the move by these companies is permissible, according to a spokesperson.

Dance school owner Peter Vlug was, as far as we know, the first person who decided to ask his customers for a vaccination certificate. A tour of de Volkskrant shows that at least three travel organizations are following suit.

“In these specific situations, we cannot estimate whether it is allowed or not,” said the spokesperson. But the cabinet is not in favor of a society being created “where it is normal that you are asked for a corona ticket.” The mandatory presentation of a vaccination certificate also goes one step further.

At the same time, there is as yet no case law on this issue. “A judge can say: it is right, because you make health gains with it. But the judge will weigh that against privacy, the right not to be discriminated against,” said the spokesperson.

In principle, it is not allowed to ask for a vaccination certificate in the Netherlands. The law that allows the use of corona tickets applies specifically to four sectors: catering, culture, sports and events. And only if the cabinet decides to do so, and the House agrees, can admission tickets be introduced there.

The law does not apply to enclosed places such as homes, but also, for example, a student society. In such places it may be allowed to ask for an admission ticket or a vaccination certificate, and it is up to a judge to decide whether the question is justified. According to the spokesperson, it is unclear whether the dance school is a private place. It is also unclear whether it is allowed to ask for a vaccination certificate for organized trips.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority has announced that it does not want to make any statements about the matter. “This is a social discussion, in which we have no role,” said a spokesperson.

The corona admission ticket in the CoronaCheck app only shows that someone has been vaccinated, has recently tested negative or has been infected. The national QR code displayed by the app does not indicate which of the three options is involved.

10.38 – ANVR: vaccination certificate probably not necessary for all trips

The travel industry does not expect full coronavirus vaccination to be required across the industry. For 99.9 percent of the trips that the Dutch travel sector offers, a negative test is also sufficient, says chairman Frank Oostdam of trade association ANVR. De Volkskrant previously wrote that three organizers of group travel are now demanding a full vaccination, such as travel organization Oad.

The ANVR understands that there are companies that require a vaccination certificate. “It concerns bus tour operators that visit different countries during a trip,” says Oostdam. “I do expect that more companies in that niche will demand a vaccination certificate.” According to the ANVR, it causes ‘a lot of administrative hassle’ for those travel organizations that offer such trips without a vaccination certificate for all travelers, given the regulations.

It also depends on the requirements of the holiday country. For example, Oostdam points out that in Germany there are now benefits for people who have been vaccinated. On Thursday it was announced that in regions where the number of new infections is high, or where relatively few people have been vaccinated, more restrictions should be imposed on unvaccinated. Unvaccinated Dutch people who stay in Germany for more than 24 hours must already be quarantined. The United States wants to allow almost all foreign tourists again, as long as they are vaccinated against the corona virus.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already warned that the rules regarding travel advice will change from Sunday. A yellow travel advice then means that travelers aged 12 and older from countries such as Italy, Estonia and Iceland must show a vaccination certificate, a negative test result or a proof of recovery from corona when returning to the Netherlands. The negative test may be a PCR test up to 48 hours old, or an antigen test up to 24 hours old. This already applies to people coming from Spain, Portugal, Cyprus or Andorra.

09.51 – Possibly more flights with infected passengers than expected

The number of aircraft carrying a person infected with corona may be higher than previously believed. 36 percent of flights from the Netherlands to Canada would have an infected person on board, BNR reports based on research by data analyst Bart Bolkestein. The Netherlands Aerospace Center assumes 9 percent of all flights.

Bolkestein has investigated 1,400 flights that went to Canada from 19 countries in July. In more than 24 percent of the flights, it was reported afterwards that someone was on board with a corona infection. If you convert those figures to flights from the Netherlands, it is even 36 percent.

People with a corona infection can go on board unnoticed if, for example, their test has not been taken properly or if they develop Covid-19 after a negative test result. Bolkestein believes that it is now necessary to look at where there may be gaps in the system. However, the Ministry of Infrastructure sees no reason for further investigation, according to BNR.

06.03 – CNN fires three employees who came to work unvaccinated

CNN has fired three employees who came to the office unvaccinated. Earlier this year, CNN announced that employees must be vaccinated if they want to return to the company premises. Other major US companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, have also made vaccinations mandatory.

“Last week we were informed of three employees who came to the office unvaccinated. The contracts of these three employees have been terminated,” CNN CEO Jeff Zucker wrote in an internal memo that has been seen by, among others, The New York Times. “Let me be clear – we have a zero-tolerance policy in this area,” said Zucker, who writes that it was “not an easy decision” to say goodbye to the employees.

It remains unclear which departments the dismissed employees worked in. Zucker expects that CNN employees will soon have to show a valid vaccination certificate to be admitted to the workplace.

More and more American companies are introducing vaccination mandates now that the Delta variant is spreading, but the consequences for unvaccinated people have remained unclear for the time being. Supermarket chain Walmart and Tyson Foods, the largest meat processor in the United States, are just a few examples of companies that require employees to be fully vaccinated.

05.16 – Travel providers ask customers for vaccination certificate

The discussion about mandating vaccination certificates by organizations continues to flare up. After the Utrecht dance teacher Peter Vlug, at least three organizers of group travel also demand a full vaccination. This is evident from a tour of the Volkskrant.

The companies are compelled to do so. According to those involved, employees and travelers are asking for the measure because it makes them feel safer. Moreover, it makes the trips easier to carry out. The Ministry of Health (VWS) is not in favor of companies applying their own corona policy. “But we are not going to say: this is not allowed,” said a spokesperson.

03.22 – Delta variant more dangerous for pregnant women

The Delta variant of the coronavirus seems more dangerous for pregnant women. More pregnant women with corona have been hospitalized in recent weeks. “These women are not vaccinated and have no underlying disease. Yet they become very ill,” professor of obstetrics Kitty Bloemenkamp (UMC Utrecht) told the AD.

“In the worst case, their baby is even picked up earlier, while the mother is on a ventilator in the ICU.” Last week there were four pregnant women with corona in the UMC Utrecht. There is no current national overview, but according to Bloemenkamp, ​​more pregnant women with corona have also been admitted in other Dutch hospitals in recent weeks, some of whom are in IC.

In England, where the Delta variant of the coronavirus previously became dominant, this trend has been visible for some time. It also became clear in the Netherlands this spring that pregnant women with corona run a higher risk of becoming seriously ill. New figures now show that the Delta variant of the virus makes pregnant women seriously ill even more often.

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