Relaxation from next week and ‘optimism’ for a summer holiday abroad

VIDEOIn addition to a series of relaxation from 19 May – indoor sports, amusement parks open, team sports allowed – the cabinet also outlines some perspective for traveling abroad. So there is a bit of hope for summer holidays abroad. At the same time, the following applies: guarantees to the limit.

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke of ‘good news’, but with the proviso that the number of infections remains under control. Otherwise, it will hit the ‘pause button’ and next week’s easing will still be postponed. Rutte: “It will remain a balancing act for a while. But the way things are now, it looks good. ”

So the cabinet is counting on it that more entertainment will be possible from 19 May. A selection of the relaxation options: to the terrace from early in the morning until 8 p.m., exercising again indoors and (in a group) outside, and visiting amusement parks, zoos and playgrounds again. All contact professions are also allowed to return to work, including sex workers.

Second stage

The cabinet is thus taking the leap to the second phase of the relaxation plan. Take the risk, because it remains a risk, Rutte acknowledged. “People are increasingly concerned about the virus. Half of the people say they are hesitant about further relaxation. And those concerns turn out to be justified. In Amsterdam alone, 17 large clusters have been found that can be traced back to King’s Day. So on the one hand there is room to do more, but on the other hand there are also concerns about the hospital figures. That is precisely the cabinet’s dilemma. ”

On one point, the cabinet is still pausing. Secondary schools also wanted to be open to all students again at the end of May and without 1.5 meter rules, but the experts of the OMT warn that this could cause much more infections. “However much we would like to allow this,” said Rutte. The cabinet will therefore decide on this later, on 25 May.

To travel

Also in the field of travel, something will change from Saturday. Then the generic ‘do not travel’ command that is still in force will lapse.

The Netherlands will then work with color codes again and we strive for customization. According to insiders, Portugal, Finland, the Canary Islands, the Spanish islands of the Balearic Islands and the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea are likely to be the first to return to ‘safe’, possibly from 15 May. But orange and ‘dark orange countries’ holidays are strongly discouraged. The color codes are based on the local infection pressure, test capacity and any new virus mutants of concern.

“Freedom is in the air,” said Minister Hugo de Jonge (Healthcare). He calls it ‘likely’ that holidays in popular countries such as France, Spain and Italy will be possible again this summer. “I am cautiously optimistic. The number of vaccinated people is increasing rapidly, there too. No guarantees can be given, but we have high hopes for that. ”

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