Record day AEX thanks to sought-after tech shares

The AEX closes at 0.7% profit higher at 713.28 points in what is usually ‘the best month’ of the year. The index also set another intraday record at 717.69 points.

The AMX index climbs 0.5% to 1043.96 points.

The British FTSE 100 compares more positively with a gain of 1.2% as vaccination in the UK accelerates. The German DAX and the French CAC 40 gain 0.7% and 0.5% respectively. The DAX is heading for a all time high.

Shares in Asia closed mixed. In this region, strategist Vincent Juvyns of JP Morgan Asset Management sees growth opportunities for Chinese equities, which previously fell in value, after recent dips.

Energy lags behind

The latest US jobs report and an increase of the total of 7.37 million units to above the start of corona gives the stock market meters in New York support. The Dow Jones index, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq index are climbing up to 0.2% gains.

‘Increasing speculation’

Simon Wiersma, investment manager at ING, sees more and more signs in the markets “of increasing speculation on stock exchanges.” The mood among US investors tends to be euphoria and over-optimism. “That is often a good counter-indicator,” said Wiersma, “a sign that the stock market mood can easily change.”

“Technically it still looks good for the AEX,” said Justin Bleekmolen of broker Lynx. “The top of 2000 has been broken and we still see confidence. Enthusiasm is growing all over the world, technology is catching up at the fair. ” Until recently, the ‘old economy’ dominated.

“It is good that the AEX index has received more tech components, such as Besi. Growth can be achieved there in the coming years, ”says Blekemolen. “The Nasdaq has been doing better than regular stock markets for ten years.”

Increase in infections

In a long-awaited report, the European medical regulator EMA notes a link between blood clots and the AstraZeneca drug against corona.

Johns Hopkins University, meanwhile, reports that the number of officially diagnosed corona infections has risen to 132 million worldwide and nearly 2.9 million people have died from the virus.

The United Kingdom is loosening corona measures after the successful progress of the vaccination campaign. Most EU member states remain in lockdown.

Inflation is rising

Chief economist Luc Aben of Van Lanschot Kempen sees that more and more economists expect a further rise in the US ten-year interest rate towards 2%, although still at a slight pace.

“That is now factored into the models and is accompanied by significantly higher economic growth,” says Aben. “The view is that the economy should be able to absorb the higher interest rates.”

Normally, a higher interest rate would bite technology stocks, but that is not happening now.

Besi leads

Closes with the Dutch main funds Besi with a gain of 5.1% at the top. Company reported that its order book more than doubled in the first months of the year, mainly due to the strong demand for chips for applications around the fast 5G technology and from the automotive sector.

ING and Degroof Petercam speak of an impressive interim report. Industry colleague ASMI picks up 3.8%.

Brouwer Heineken plus with 2.4% and steel giant ArcelorMittal follows with a progress of 1.8%. Index heavyweight Unilever wins 0.9%.

Tech fund is at the bottom Prosus at 1.3% closing loss.

Food delivery person Just Eat Takeaway ends 1.3% lower, after the dramatic IPO of British competitor Deliveroo last week. Sodexo, including a caterer, today started a collaboration in France with Uber Eats, which operates in 240 cities.

A survey by analyst Corné van Zeijl (Actiam) shows that the food delivery person is also little loved by stock market experts.

Sprint Basic-Fit

The medium-sized funds win Basic-Fit by 4.9%. British gyms can reopen.

Maritime service provider Boskalis closes 0.5% higher. The German investment bank Berenberg has increased the target price to € 28 with a maintained holding advice. In addition, after his Suez job, Boskalis can set to work off the Norwegian coast, where the Dutch ship Eemslift Hendrika, owned by the shipping company Amasus Shipping from Delfzijl, has run into problems.

Air France KLM immediately fell back to € 5 after the opening of the stock exchange, but then rose to 1.6% at the closing bell. The European Commission has agreed, subject to conditions, to a maximum of € 4 billion in additional support for the French subsidiary.

Paris is converting its € 3 billion loan into a perpetual loan, and is participating in a € 1 billion issue. This time, the Dutch government will remain on the sidelines, which means a dilution of the interest.

Coffee roaster JDE Peet’s earns 1%. Berenberg maintains his advice when buying at a lower price target up to € 37.50. It foresees strong organic sales growth. The share is almost 30% cheaper than peers in Europe, says Berenberg.

The it service provider included in the AScX index Ordina climbs 4.4% at its end. In the run-up to its shareholders’ meeting next week, it has been put on the buy list by the Franco-German investment bank Oddo BHF.

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