POCO F3 5G with Snapdragon 870-soc and 120Hz-OLED screen costs 349 euros

And where is the ‘catch’ with this device?

In recent years I have come to realize more that a device is more than specs + price.

Several Xiaomi’s in my area and even a Poco F1 and I seem to express the dissenting opinion, but what a drama devices they are.

Yes very nice specs for the price, fast HW on paper and a very nice price. But if you thought Google is a privacy violator, Xiaomi will take it a step further. MUI is bloated with apps that almost all ask if you agree to the condition and to call ‘home’. Seriously why does a local file explorer app or calculator need to collect and send telemetry :?

Now there are of course 1001 ways to bypass everything such as uninstalling apps via ADB, which regularly causes vague problems because apps are very deeply referenced in the OS.
Blocking telemetry with Pihole is a breeze, using a VPN on the way home is fun but limits your speed enormously if you have a low upload at home and not useful if you actually need / want to use a ‘regular’ VPN. Which is also inconvenient.

Root / custom ROM; been a big fan of it because I think LineageOS is really great! But I always keep having minor bugs that many fellow users think shouldn’t be possible but apparently are there every time.
In addition, some apps do not work / partially / partially because even with MagiskHide, ect. it remains a game of cat and mouse with Safetynet.
And then another thing where I also seem to be an exception and that is the build quality. My half Poco F1 has already been replaced due to user damage, while I have never been so careful with a smartphone. Screen breaks very quickly, white spots in screens, plastic back that is easily damaged and becomes ugly (I have had several plastic telephones in recent years for comparison), speakers / microphone that go bad. I’ve seen Redmiis with crumbling screens, screens that came off when the screen protector was removed :?, dust behind the glass (and in front of the front camera) through the speaker grill.

I am a tweaker in heart and soul and tinkering, messing around and figuring out is also part of the fun, but now I regularly run into things that just become really difficult, so that more and more I grab my work iPhone “because at least it works reliably” . And that means something as an Android fan who has used literally every version since 2.1 (yes Honeycomb too : + ).

Then I prefer to spend a little extra on phones that require less tinkering to solve / circumvent such “problems” and where the software is in order, saves a lot of unnecessary time and frustrations. : + Even if that means lesser specs, because people often really don’t need a Snapdragon 8xx series. For comparison, I also used a Pixel 3a next to my Poco F1 for a while with ‘only’ an SD 670 and the biggest limitation I found in the use of eMMC but otherwise for my use (standard browsing, mail, banking, streaming services, photo, video, or almost everything except gaming.) I found the difference not great to negligible.

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