Pérez comes with Super League explanation and puts an end to top purchases

Only two of the twelve Super League clubs are left and so there is disappointment Real Madrid President Florentino Pérez, one of the project’s protagonists. He wanted to explain his plans on Tuesday on the radio program El Larguero, but had to postpone the interview due to the crisis surrounding the Super League. The interview came a day later, but after everything completely collapsed.

Together with other chairmen / club owners, Pérez wanted to set up a hyper-ambitious football competition consisting of the top clubs from Europe. The goal: many more top matches and therefore a lot more money.

In addition to Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid, Internazionale, AC Milan, Juventus, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur were also involved. The other clubs had yet to be determined. But the Super League never came after a fierce reaction from supporters and so Pérez is disappointed. “We’ve been working on this project for years. Maybe we haven’t explained the idea well enough,” he says. “I am very disappointed. We worked on this project for three years, it was meant to combat the economic situation.”

“La Liga is untouchable, but there was still room during the week. The Champions League format is dated and old and actually only becomes interesting from the quarter-finals. The twelve clubs that participated have lost 650 million euros together and probably much more next season. Because the format no longer works, we decided to bring the twelve biggest clubs together, “says Pérez. “We thought we could get a lot more money for the big and smaller clubs.”

Reaction UEFA surprised Pérez
The news that a Super League was in the making didn’t exactly go down well with UEFA. The European Football Association reacted as if bitten by a viper and threatened with sanctions. “I’ve never seen such aggressiveness, neither from UEFA nor from the unions. It was agreed and that surprised me. When we got the news out we wanted to speak to UEFA. They came with threats and insults, as if we were killed someone like we killed football. ”

“UEFA has put down an act, the president (Ceferin, ed.) Must of course remain correct. They did not give us the chance to explain it, because they wanted nothing to change. It is not true that this is the end. of football. The rich clubs are losing a lot of money now. It is a pyramid scheme: if there is no money at the top, there is nothing else. ”

“One of the English clubs had no confidence in it and that caused the doubts to spread to the other clubs,” says Pérez when asked why the Super League has collapsed. “They said they did not want to be part of the project anymore. The project is now on standby, I can confirm. Juventus and AC Milan have not left, we are curious how they stand now. Barcelona is considering it. We want to everyone’s attention because young people don’t watch football anymore. If you think the Super League is dead, you’re really wrong. I’m not afraid of UEFA or FIFA. ”

The Super League not only brings in more money for the clubs, it is even necessary, according to Pérez, to be able to continue to make top purchases. “It is impossible to make it to players like Kylian Mbappé or Erling Haaland without the Super League. That is not only true for Real Madrid, but also for all other clubs. There will be no major purchases without the Super League.”

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