Not only worry about mother in Addicted, but also daughter

Aly’s troubles begin in high school. When she is 18 she decides to live on her own, but what her parents do not yet know is that she has been experimenting with hard drugs from the age of 16. In the years that followed, she regularly disappeared from the radar and turned out to use heroin in addition to cocaine.

During that period she meets Jos, whom she marries at the age of 28. But married life does not slow her down and even as a mother she continues to use drugs, at the expense of her children Cas and Esmee. “I think I knew from a very early age that things were different with us than with others. Also because I had many girlfriends living in the area where I was often, it was normal there. it’s often that my mother was not there, or took me to her drug dealer during school break, “says daughter Esmee.

When the marriage ends, Cas and Esmee stay with their father. After this Aly falls into a deep depression. “In the beginning I was very angry. But when I think back to it, I am especially very sad, because she wanted to abandon us”, Esmee continues. She has now forgiven her mother for this and the 18-year-old even takes care of her full-time, because Aly is rapidly deteriorating. “I think Esmee loves her so much that she would do anything to keep her alive,” said her brother.

However, she is not thanked for that, because Aly regularly loots her daughter’s bank account. The family is mainly concerned about Esmee and wonders whether Aly wants to be helped at all. When the intervention starts, she immediately goes wild: “I have to get out of here. I know the program.” Fortunately, the atmosphere quickly changes and Aly indicates that she wants to cooperate. “We’re going for it, of course.” That same day she leaves for a clinic. “We’ll see, I’ll let it get over me.”

Not only Aly has to change course, Esmee also has to adopt a new way of life. In recent years she has been so busy with her mother that she has completely eliminated herself. She must therefore distance herself from expert Maarten Dammers. And Aly sees that after four weeks in the clinic. “We are going to do it differently, a new start,” she concludes when she embraces her daughter again.

Although Aly passes the dreaded drug test at the end of the episode with flying colors, a brief update from her son reveals that she has relapsed several times since then. Aly herself also has the floor: “Due to the loneliness now and then, I have fallen on my face a few times, but in general I am doing very well.”

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