New stadium a step closer, Feyenoord agrees with Business Case

The intended new stadium for Feyenoord has come one step closer. This is evident from the ‘New Stadium Investment Memorandum’ published today (Wednesday). The Business Case shows that Feyenoord will advance more than 7.5 million euros in the first season in the new stadium (2025-2026) and then receive an amount of 25.4 million euros. This is a reason for the club to agree with the Business Case.

With the Feyenoord agreement, an important step has been taken towards the actual realization of the new stadium, which forms an important part of the total area development Feyenoord City. In the coming months, we will continue to work with confidence to be able to switch the two remaining lights to green as well.

This concerns the last 15% of the financing and an agreement on the construction costs. It is expected that the so-called financial close can take place in the fourth quarter of 2021, so that construction work can start in 2022. The new stadium will then open in 2025.

The New Stadium Investment Memorandum is intended to inform the Municipality of Rotterdam, other investors and other interested parties about the stadium project and the associated Business Case, so that they can (again) assess the requested investment.

• A summary of the New Stadium Investment Memorandum is available via view this link
• The full New Stadium Investment Memorandum is available view this link

On YouTube, Joris van Dijk, commercial director of Feyenoord, and Jan van Merwijk, general manager of Stadion Feijenoord, provided more information about the possible new stadium. Van Merwijk discussed the stadium’s business case. ‘Naturally, we took a good look at this,’ says Van Merwijk at the Youtube page of New Stadium Feyenoord. ‘We had it tested externally.’ According to the current director of Stadion Feijenoorder, there will be much better in a new stadium. ‘What gets better, in particular, is the facilities for the supporters. We also want to guarantee the good things in De Kuip. That you are close to that field, that will come back. ‘

The operation of a potential new stadium focuses on a number of things. ‘The largest item comes from ticket sales. Season tickets, business tickets and stadium rental for meetings and events. Catering is a substantial part. It must be a fantastic football stadium, we must be a fantastic events stadium. It must also be able to accommodate concerts. The intention is for that stadium to be used to the maximum 365 days a year. ‘

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