Mobile phone led French police to ‘policeman’ Groningen

The two men arrested in France, suspected of stabbing a cop in Groningen, had two knives with them. Investigation must show whether they were used in the attack on the man, who was seriously injured. The French police tracked down the Dutch (20) and American (32) thanks to good teamwork with the Belgian colleagues, it turns out.

The Belgian police managed to fathom one of the mobile phones of the two fugitives on Friday evening, but could no longer stop the Opel Crossland they were traveling with in the Netherlands, rented in the Netherlands, because the duo had now crossed the French border, reports Le Parisien.

According to the newspaper, the Belgians passed the data on to the French contact partner for Enfast, a collaboration of investigation teams from national police services within the EU. This alerted the investigation and intervention brigades in Lille, Creil and Strasbourg, which ‘covered’ the entire north-east of France.


Thanks to the polled cell phone, the investigators tracked the duo on Friday night between two and three o’clock in Laon, about 60 kilometers northwest of Reims. They chased the car discreetly and eventually jammed the vehicle. The two fugitives could become without much resistance arrested. One of them had a stiletto in his pocket. It is not yet known whether this is the weapon that was used on the Groningen agent. A second knife was found in the vehicle.

The suspects, a 20-year-old from Oldambt and a 32-year-old American with no known domicile or residence, were brought to Amiens (Somme) on Saturday and imprisoned on Sunday morning awaiting their extradition to the Netherlands. “The French police have shown great responsiveness and the European cooperation (the Dutch Fugitive Active Search Team also cooperated, ed.) Has worked very well. The worst could be avoided, ”a source close to the investigation told the newspaper.


Two officers stopped the men on Wednesday at 10 p.m. in Groningen for non-compliance with the curfew. One of them almost immediately attacked the officer and stabbed his face and neck with a knife. The man was seriously injured. His colleague sustained minor injuries to one of her legs. The suspects took off on foot but left two bicycles behind at the crime scene. The police described them as ‘two white boys, one of whom spoke English’.

A European arrest warrant had been issued against them. The investigation has not been completed with the arrest of the duo. The Large-scale Investigation Team is continuing to work on the case. The seriously injured officer is out of danger, but has to go according to Newspaper of the North possibly missing an eye.

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