Missing man (73) who walked out of Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven found in backhoe, first time special search team was deployed

EINDHOVEN – The 73-year-old man from Eindhoven who has been missing since Saturday evening, was found on Monday morning. The man left the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven on Saturday and has since been taken back to hospital. The man was found in a back of a delivery van near the hospital.

The man was in a normal ward in the hospital, where people can ‘walk in and out’. The 73-year-old man left but did not return to the ward, after which he was reported missing. The spokeswoman says that the 73-year-old man was found on Monday morning in a back of a delivery van, near the hospital.

According to a police spokeswoman, it is not clear how long the man has been hiding there. The family of the previously missing Eindhoven resident has been informed and the man has been taken back to hospital. Why the man initially left the hospital on Saturday is not clear.

Serious concerns

On Sunday about a hundred men searched for it Veterans Search Team still to the missing patient. The special team can only be deployed when the police request it. According to a police spokeswoman, the Veterans Search Team was deployed because the police were seriously concerned about the man’s health. “Those concerns can give extra priority to finding a person and in this case that has been the criterion on the basis of which the Veterans Search Team was deployed.”

Incidentally, that rarely happens, says Bert van het Schep, specialist in missing persons at the East Brabant police. Almost every week, reports of missing persons pass through Burgernet, whereby such search teams are not called up. Why now? Van het Schip: “Of course you look at how urgent the missing person is. But it also plays a role whether there is a clear search location. ”

More difficult to determine

If someone has driven away in a car just before he goes missing, it will be a lot more difficult to determine where to look for, for example. Van het Schip also points to the capacity of the police: “If the police can deploy few people, it is of course ideal if you can rely on such a search team.”

In addition to the Veterans Search Team, the police also use the Ready2Help search team of the Red Cross. They are all volunteers, but people who know what they should and should not do, says Van het Schip: “You don’t have to tell them first that they are not allowed to smoke and they will not throw their chewing gum on the floor. They know not to touch anything when they find something and will not take a picture. Of course you do not want certain information to be on social media before the police know it. ”

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