Max Verstappen released from hospital after heavy crash at Silverstone

Christian Horner announced in a message on Instagram that Max Verstappen still in hospital in Great Britain. The Red Bull driver is currently staying there for observation. According to Horner, the team is in close contact with Verstappen and his father Jos.

UPDATE: Verstappen has now been discharged from hospital, see last paragraph

With an impact of no less than 51G, Verstappen smashed into the tire stacks at Silverstone this afternoon. The Limburger was tapped at the back by rival Lewis Hamilton and lost control of the car. With a very high speed he went towards the tire stacks, where he came to a stop with a big bang. Verstappen was able to climb out of the car himself, but had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. Horner says that his driver is okay, but that he still has to stay in the hospital for observation.

Horner reacted furiously to Hamilton’s action

Shortly after the race, Horner was boiling with rage. Not only did he find Hamilton’s action “amateurish” and “desperate”, but he also liked the way the Mercedes-leader celebrated his victory very inappropriately. Hamilton was over the moon after taking the win at Silverstone. With a big smile, and bearing a British flag, he ran towards the stands to celebrate his victory with the fans. Horner liked it. “I don’t see how Lewis can get any satisfaction from a win if he has hospitalized his fellow driver,” Horner was quoted as saying by MotorsportWeek. “It is disappointing and extremely annoying. His actions have endangered the safety of another driver and that is unacceptable to me.”

Verstappen is currently still in hospital

On Instagram, Horner also came with an update about Verstappen, who is currently still in hospital. “Today’s result is that Max Verstappen is fine and was able to walk away from the car, but that he was taken to the hospital for a preventive check-up. He is currently staying there for observation,” writes Horner. “It’s an incredibly difficult way to end the British Grand Prix weekend.”

According to the Red Bull team boss, his team remains in close contact with Verstappen and his father. “We are in contact with Max and Jos and we will come up with an update later,” says the British chief.

Update: Verstappen discharged from hospital

Verstappen has announced on his official Twitter page that he has been discharged from the hospital. In his message, accompanied with a photo of Verstappen and his father, the Red Bull driver writes: “I was released from the hospital after all checks were good. I want to thank everyone for the nice messages and the messages of support.”

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