Marc-Marie Huijbregts attacked on the bike: ‘beaten hard’

Marc-Marie Huijbregts was attacked on his bike this morning. He shares that in a video Instagram. The comedian says he was hit hard in the face by a woman in the center of Amsterdam.

“It was an old woman, so it was hard for me to slap her back. I’m very inclined to just share their license plate.” And he does that a little later in the video. In addition, he has the couple in their car in the photo, he tweeted.

Marc-Marie Huijbregts attacked on the bike

In the video he explains exactly how the incident happened. He cycled along Herengracht and tried to pass a slow-moving car. “But it just sent me my way and then I called,” he explains. Then a woman got out and started beating him. He was also insulted, he says. “At one point the man also gets out and I say ‘are you drunk or something? Because this is not normal.” According to him, it was 11 a.m., but “if you’re really in trouble, you’ll be drunk at 11 a.m., of course. They were just crazy.”

The comedian is very shocked by the incident. Huijbregts has called the police and will soon file a report. He is still looking for a witness who can help him with that. On Twitter he places a call: “Would the sweet girl who was there when I was attacked this morning on Herengracht please report herself. Thanks.”


Under the Instagram post and under Marc-Marie’s tweets, a lot of support immediately poured in. People who find the incident ridiculous, or who think it’s good that Marc-Marie is so combative and immediately reports it. Huijbregts makes himself heard on Twitter: he is doing well again. He also thanks for all the supportive tweets and comments.

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