Måneskin winks at the fuss of the Eurovision Song Contest with a new single show

The Italian band Måneskin will release a new single for the first time since winning the Eurovision Song Contest on Friday night. In English mammamia the band refers, among other things, to the fuss that arose during the final of the song festival. The frontman was then, as it turned out, wrongly accused of drug use.

Mammamia is the first song we wrote after we won the Eurovision Song Contest. We then had a few days in the studio together and this song came about in a few hours. That was a sign for us that it would be a “banger”, “says frontman Damiano David (22) today during an online press conference from Berlin about the new single. ,,It’s a funny song, we had a lot of fun making it. We were overflowing with inspiration,” bassist Victoria De Angelis (21) adds.

In the song David sings, among other things, that people want to arrest him and that he does not use alcohol or drugs, but just wants to have fun. A reference to the evening of the Eurovision final, where twittering TV viewers thought they saw the singer snorting cocaine in the ‘greenroom’. Something that was denied by the band and later proved with a negative drug test. “We thought we had done something fantastic, but there was a lot of commentary,” said David. “We didn’t understand that and we wanted to make a nice reference to that with this song.”

mammamia is the band’s first new music since winning the song festival in Rotterdam. Although there were with the singles ZItti E Buoni, I Wanna Be Your Slave and startin’ hit listings in the Netherlands, among others, but those singles were already released before the Eurovision Song Contest. The new song, like all of the band’s music, was written and produced by the foursome. ,,We feel free to do this with the four of us and we want to continue to do so. This works for us”, says De Angelis, who forms the band with guitarist Thomas Raggi and drummer Ethan Torchio in addition to vocalist David. The lyrics almost always come from singer David. “To be honest, I’m a diva in that too. I don’t tolerate anyone next to me when it comes to the lyrics,” he says with a laugh.

Fans heard the new single for the first time on Thursday during an exclusive digital event that could be followed live in 17 pop venues worldwide. Måneskin played the single from the well-known Berlin pop hall SO36. In the Netherlands, the event took place in Het Patronaat in Haarlem.

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