Madonna shocks talk show host when she jumps on the table with a short skirt

Singer Madonna (63) last night caused panic at American talk show host Jimmy Fallon by jumping on his table in a short skirt during his program. The presenter took off his jacket in distress to cover the Queen of Pop, while begging her to sit down again.

“No, no, why would you…” Fallon shouted, as Madonna brushed his stuff aside to climb onto the table during their interview. “Madonna, stop, stop this! Oh my God. I don’t know what to do.”

Madonna had just said that for her new music film she was inspired by writer James Baldwin (1924-1987) and wants to show that artists have the task of ‘disturbing the peace’. So when Fallon agreed that she always “gets herself in good trouble,” she followed through on her words. The result was one of Fallon’s ‘most memorable’ interviews ever, according to E!Online.

Madonna would like to disturb the peace and did so immediately.
Madonna would like to disturb the peace and did so immediately. © YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

“Nobody can see anything,” Madonna said, once she got off the table. On her way to her chair, she lifted her skirt to reveal her underwear, after which Jimmy hid his face behind his jacket. “Life isn’t all about interviewing kids,” Madonna said. “Don’t you want to talk to an adult? Let’s have a mature conversation.”

Although part may have been agreed work, the singer continued to disrupt the show. She took off her glove and slammed it on the table, showed the audience Like a virgin sing and pushed Fallon’s question cards down. “You are unbelievable,” he said. ,,Why are you such a troublemaker? Stop it! Be good! Please behave!”

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