Lawyer for suspect who shot Bas van Wijk: “He does not know why he shot”

Samir El Y. cannot say why he shot 24-year-old Bas van Wijk at the Nieuwe Meer last summer. According to his lawyer, the motive was in any case not with stealing a watch, as the justice states.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) demanded at the end of the afternoon 18 years in prison and TBS with forced nursing against El Y. His lawyer thinks this requirement is too high. “It will not surprise you that, after all that has been said and discussed today, this requirement does not do justice to the circumstances on the one hand and the person of the client on the other,” says Veerle Hammerstein.

El Y.’s lawyer cannot say why her client pulled a firearm on August 8. “He can’t really say anything other than that, given the previous events, he apparently was in a kind of adrenaline rush and shot at that moment. He can’t answer it. He would like it, but for him it is for him. it also happened in a kind of a fit of insanity. ”

And that causes frustration among the relatives of Van Wijk. “Actually with all the statements from the family and friends you hear the why, the disbelief. We have been busy for a day and we still do not have a clear answer,” says lawyer Richard Korver, who assists the next of kin.

The prosecution has opted for “qualified manslaughter” in the indictment, because according to the prosecution, El Y. was after the watch of one of Bas’s friends. It’s not murder, because we can’t prove that he thought about this in advance. The plan to steal the watch arose at that moment and Bas van Wijk was shot dead with the motive of stealing. That certainly aggravates punishment “, says press officer of the Justice Katelijne Den Hartog.

El Y.’s lawyer says her client confessed to shooting, he denies that he was out on the watch. “You heard my client state today that as far as he is concerned there is no connection between the taking of the watch and the shooting at Bas van Wijk and on the other hand you also heard him state that he said that he did not kill him deliberately.”

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