Kaag puts a stop to discussion about Rutte, now wants to speed up formation

The House of Representatives debated Wednesday about the final report of informateur Herman Tjeenk Willink. Two weeks ago, he said he saw opportunities for a cabinet that is once again headed by VVD leader Mark Rutte. But Rutte’s credibility remains a sensitive issue and his ideas for a new administrative culture have also been received with skepticism. Read our live blog under this article.

PVV leader Geert Wilders – unsurprisingly – suggested to Rutte that he has only one goal: to ensure that the VVD leader does not become prime minister. “You are the core of the problem, not the solution.”

Rutte acknowledged that ‘over the past ten years’ he has contributed to an ‘unwise’ way of governing, for example by laying down a lot of policy with the coalition parties on Monday morning. ‘My management style has not contributed’ to the open debate with opposition parties, said Rutte. “But I hope I also get the chance to explain my ideas about how things can be done differently, I think.”

He even challenged the other party leaders ‘to put the cognac aside and put the cigar aside’ and to think about how it should be done and wondered whether they themselves were (or were) partly responsible for the old administrative culture.

Hammer informateur

Potential coalition partners such as PvdA and GroenLinks were nevertheless mainly critical. “You are responsible for the choices of the past ten years,” said GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver. “I want you to recognize that.”

D66 leader Sigrid Kaag also submitted a motion on behalf of Rutte to appoint SER chair Mariëtte Hamer as the new informateur. According to Kaag, it is important that the formation really gets going now. “Eight difficult weeks have passed, weeks at the expense of people in the country. People want to know: what are they going to do for me? What are they going to do for my children? ”

Wilders attacked Kaag on the motion of censure that she filed against Rutte at the beginning of April. “You were done with Mr. Rutte, weren’t you?” said the PVV leader about the debate about the ‘position elsewhere’ for CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt, about which Rutte appeared to have spoken. “What happened in the meantime? Because the difference is big. ”

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