ISIS woman Ilham, who has been picked up from Syria. B. arrived in the Netherlands and arraigned on Wednesday

UpdateThe Dutch IS woman, Ilham B. from Gouda, who was picked up from Syria yesterday, will be brought before the examining magistrate in Rotterdam on Wednesday. This is reported by the national prosecutor’s office today. The woman arrived in Eindhoven this morning, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice and Security reported. She has been arrested and is in custody.

Beside the woman were also picked up her two children. Ministers Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice) and Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Affairs) wrote yesterday that a third child, ‘a victim of child abduction’, would also be brought to the Netherlands. The spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice and Security does not want to make any further statements about the children. “They now come under the Child Protection Board and they will now look at what is appropriate.”

B. would have gone to Syria in 2013 and married the Belgian jihadist Bilal Al Marchohi from Antwerp. A judge would later have sentenced him to death by hanging, but it is unclear whether this was carried out.

The repatriation of Ilham B. was already announced on Friday, when the Kurds in northern Syria who had her in their hands publicized it. Yesterday images appeared of a Dutch delegation that came to pick up the woman and the children. Among them was the Dutch envoy to Syria Emiel de Bont. B.’s lawyer confirmed the news last night.


B. ended up in a Kurdish detention camp and the Netherlands filed a lawsuit against her because she joined the terrorist organization IS. In order to proceed with that case, the state had to do its best to get B. to the Netherlands, so that she could be present at her trial. Otherwise, the case would be terminated. The government seems to have wanted to avoid that scenario with the repatriation.

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