‘If everyone is fit at Ajax, then he won’t play’


René van der Gijp reacts moderately enthusiastic to the performance of the Mexican midfielder.
“I thought he was phenomenal without a ball,” admits Van der Gijp. “Really, he has had a lot of interceptions. You just can’t judge him with the ball, because the back four plus him, they didn’t get in the way. The ones who got into trouble were Klaassen, Gravenberch and the three in the front. it started. And in the back not one was really bothered.

Afterwards, Ten Hag named the first deep pass of Álvarez on Antony. “That was also the last good initial ball”, Valentijn Driessen responds cynically. “You also have to be able to handle the ball. I think he is the ideal jammer, because he puts a foot in between everything. But in the build-up he is a jammer for your own team.”

Also with Panic football from Ziggo Sport Álvarez comes up. Jan van Halst reacts significantly more positively. “His position is of course crucial in a team,” said Van Halst. “There always has to be someone who guards everything. He’s really doing great and I really think he’s an added value towards the Europa League final.” Van Halst even thinks that Ajax can win the tournament.

“I know you think I’m crazy, but I keep saying that Ajax is a contender for winning the Europa League. On an evening like that I zap a bit and watch other matches. I know that the tournament is for many teams. is of minor importance compared to the national competitions, but still. I thought Ajax played so incredibly well: it was so incredibly efficient and controlled. I was thinking: how the hell is it possible that Bayer Leverkusen lost to this.


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