Frustrations in B&B Full of Love: ‘Jacob is not sincere’

Panic in Portugal, where Jacob (60) has lived for 35 years and runs his B&B among the palm trees and cacti. After having previously settled a major crisis in his dung heap, he has now urgently reported to Jennie (53). She is in turmoil because her temporary room has been turned into a swimming pool and that creates tension between the two.

When Jennie comes to her room after a ‘delicious shower’, she encounters the problem. “I’m completely happy, but suddenly I think: how can there be water at the white box? That’s not right! So I look where it comes from, does it come from the loft”, she says visibly stressed.

While Jennie does her story for the camera, Jacob stands there… dry. pun intended. Jennie thinks they should act as soon as possible to make sure his stuff doesn’t rot, but Jacob thinks otherwise. “I don’t have any stuff there,” he calmly remarks. “Skateboards, but they are water resistant. (…) Those things have no value and no problems.”

While Jacob may be at peace, Jennie is still agonizing over the water havoc that has been created in her temporary room. The fact that the master of the house tries to put things into perspective in his own way, does bother her quite a bit. “You have such a mess from Jacob, and that’s a shame, that’s not necessary”, Jennie reproaches him as she tries to save what can be saved.

He doesn’t like that tone and he lets it know. “This was not a bedroom. This was my storage room,” he snaps at her, after which a yes-nothing discussion ensues about cleaning up the mess. “I gave you my storage room with all my love, that you can sleep here. That you didn’t clean that room…”

“I don’t think you treat people like that,” Jennie says a little later, still irritated in front of the camera. “When people come to you with something that you see that they sympathize with your stuff, that they have to try something there… and it flattens out like that. It just can’t be. That’s just not correct.”

Jacob also gives his side of the story: “She makes a drama out of nothing, but of course her comfort, that’s what I’m concerned about. That poor lady. But we can dry this in five minutes now. She can sleep well here and it doesn’t smell anymore. Period.”

But nothing “point”, because the matter festers even while enjoying a drink. Jacob makes it clear once again that he thinks Jennie is acting up. “I’m very sorry that something like this happens, but everything is going to break. No one is hurt. It’s very frustrating, but it won’t make me sleep badly. It makes you panic, but nothing happened.”

Things go from bad to worse when Jacob, in the company of his ladies, decides to call the plumber out loud, much to the frustration of the rest. “There is so much space, why do you talk so loudly in company? Jacob also reacts fiercely with the comment that he ‘learns a lot from them’.

“You are not a bad man, but you are not sincere,” Sigrun then reproaches him. It is now so high for her that she indicates that she no longer sees it. “On a personal level you are not approachable to me, to anyone,” she confesses. The rest also honestly share that they no longer see a future with him, which Jacob agrees: “You’re not a bad guy, but I can see that you are not for me.”

How it goes can be seen tomorrow in a new episode of B&B Full of Love at 8.30 p.m. on RTL 4. Or look ahead at Videoland.

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