Frank Boeijen: ‘Pity is the common thread in my life’

While the conversation in the Amsterdam Hotel de Goudfazant starts out somewhat superficially, presenter Özcan Akyol later goes into depth with Boeijen. The first topic that Akyol brings up: what is it like to grow up as the youngest in a family of ten children? “You are not noticed at all, you are not noticed”, says Boeijen. Whether that hasn’t been lonely? No, says the singer. “It was the opposite of being lonely. It gave me enormous freedom. That my father said at 10 pm: you haven’t gone to bed yet? That was all possible. ”

Boeijen has never experienced it as a burden to grow up as the youngest in a large family. How different it was for his mother, who according to Boeijen had had a difficult time. “It has been tough for her. She also had mental problems. Sometimes she couldn’t take it, then she walked away. ” She always came back. “My father would come home from work and look for her.”

However, Boeijen was never short of love in the house, although he is convinced that his mother would rather have done something different with her life. “I don’t think she got the chance as a woman at the time. I think she would have preferred to become a nurse. ” That thought arouses pity in him. Something that is a big thread in his life. “I feel sorry for everyone.” Moments later: ,, It would have been better if she had had five children, instead of ten. But she would disagree if she heard this, she loved us very much. ”

Another, big part in Boeijen’s life is his career. Success, thousands of fans and many performances a year made it all too much for him. “I have seen many people go under. You should try to stay that Nijmegen boy, who has to take out the garbage bags the next day, while you stood in front of 10,000 people the night before. ” That attitude kept him on his toes, although the chance that a burnout was lurking was relatively high.

“That word didn’t exist before. What should you do? Take a rest. But that is not possible if you have a full agenda. ” Partly because more than twenty families depended on him, Boeijen postponed taking that rest. Akyol asks whether Boeijen can claim that he has fallen victim to his own success. “You could say, yes.”

Boeijen is grateful that he eventually gave up on the Frank Boeijen group. “I just wanted to be free”, he concludes.

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