Fire brigade gives signal master at Thales: no more danger for the environment | Hengelo

The Thales building on the Zuidelijke Havenweg in Hengelo was evacuated on Wednesday morning due to fumes that were later blown over Hengelo. Residents in the area were urged to stay indoors. In the course of the morning the fire brigade got the situation under control on the site of Thales. There is no longer any danger to the environment.

No fewer than three emergency reports were sent to people in the area on Wednesday morning. Twice with the urgent request in an NL-Alert: ‘Stay inside because of an accident with a toxic substance at Thales in Hengelo. “Close windows and doors and wait for more info.”

Yellow cloud

The yellow-colored cloud that blew over Hengelo and towards Enschede caused the necessary unrest. Thales’s premises were cleared. Staff had to wait outside.

The fire brigade pulled out with several units and tried to ‘knock down’ the vapor with extinguishing water.

No more danger for the environment

At around half past nine, the fire brigade gave the signal and a final emergency message was sent to many mobile telephones in Twente: there is no longer any danger to the surroundings outside the site.

‘There was a mixture of acids in the tank and due to an unknown cause, a reaction followed and nitrous vapors (mixture of gases, ed.) Were released. We did not measure any elevated concentrations of hazardous air for all measurements in the area, ‘tweeted the Twente Fire Department.

Schools temporarily closed

The Twickel College and the ROC van Twente in Hengelo decided to close their doors early in the morning because of the NL-Alert. Later, both schools reported that they were open again because the call to stay at home had been withdrawn.

‘The school is open again and the students can come again’, Twickel College said on Facebook. The ROC van Twente wrote that the locations in Hengelo (Gieterij, the Techniekhuis and the Lansink Veste) are accessible again.

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