Fines no pay – this is what other countries are doing to raise vaccination rates

US President Joe Biden announced today that all federal government employees will be vaccinated. More and more countries are taking far-reaching measures to increase the vaccination rate.

For example, France, Belgium and Greece previously announced mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers. Now join the United States. In addition, Biden wants a vaccination requirement for employees of companies that employ more than 100 people. They can still opt for a weekly test.

With this, Biden is taking the most far-reaching measure to date, says correspondent Marieke de Vries: “Anyone who does not comply can be fined no less than 14,000 dollars per violation. The fact that the government is now intervening in private companies is very sensitive in this regard. the US, but Biden is betting that the majority of Americans would agree with him.”

Some German federal states also opt for a strict approach. People who can vaccinate but do not want to, will not be paid if they test positive and therefore have to be quarantined. At the moment, the government is still helping, but according to correspondent Wouter Zwart, they want to get rid of that: “The idea is: We should not let the entire community pay for the voluntary choices of an individual.”

The mayor of Moscow already announced mandatory vaccinations for people in the service sector in June. Companies must get 60 percent of their employees fully vaccinated, otherwise they too risk heavy fines. Employees who refuse a shot run the risk of losing their job.

But the Russians have no faith in the vaccine. As a result of the vaccination obligation, a large trade in fake vaccination certificates has arisen, correspondent Iris de Graaf says: “For sale on the black market for a few tens. Most companies now say that indeed 60 percent of their employees have been vaccinated. It is unclear how many people have actually been pricked and how many have submitted such fake evidence.”

In addition to the mandatory vaccinations for people in the service sector, a mandatory QR code was also introduced in June for everyone to visit restaurants, cafes or, for example, museums in Moscow. De Graaf: “That measure was in effect for about three weeks. Until it became clear that nobody went to restaurants or museums anymore. The measure was withdrawn in mid-July, even though the corona infections continued to rise.”

Indirect coercion

In Indonesia, Turkmenistan and Saudi Arabia, everyone is required to be vaccinated. Other countries don’t want to go that far.

Currently, 62 percent of Germans are fully vaccinated. “The German government solemnly promised that there would never be a vaccination obligation, but indirect coercion is increasing. There is protest against this. But most agree with measures for, for example, the catering industry: all healed or vaccinated you enter, you can dance , otherwise not,” says Zwart.

Patience has run out

Vaccination is slow in the US. 54 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated. President Biden has now run out of patience, says Marieke de Vries. “He calls it a pandemic of the unvaccinated, because 80 million people still refuse to take the vaccine. Despite it being effective, safe and free. The hospitals are again full of mostly unvaccinated patients, almost twice as many as last year.” Biden has banned his political destiny from taking control of the pandemic and so is now fighting for his country and his own political legacy as his popularity is declining by the day.”

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