Fieldlab: events are safe under certain conditions, release 1.5 meters

Events, shows and conferences can be organized safely as long as a number of security measures are met. That is what the organization behind the fieldlab events says based on its own studies.

These are so-called type 1 events, which take place indoors, with seats and where the public behaves calmly. A maximum of half of the normal capacity can be used, but people do not need to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Visitors must be tested beforehand and wear a mouth mask during transfer. There must also be good ventilation.

Fieldlab has presented the research results to the cabinet and hopes that the Outbreak Management Team will provide advice on organizing events in the near future. That is certain during the Eurovision Song Contest 3500 people per night may be present.

Testing and bubbles

The results are based on studies during field lab experiments at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, last February. A business conference and a theater performance by Guido Weijers were organized there.

Visitors were only allowed in after a negative test result. They were also asked to have themselves tested afterwards, but not everyone did: about 82 percent of all visitors. During the event, the visitors were divided into bubbles, between which different corona rules applied.

Later, six other fieldlab events were organized, ranging from outdoor festivals and football matches. Friday It was revealed that 16 people may have been infected with the corona virus during the two festivals, but it is not clear whether they became infected during the festival. About 1,500 people attended both festivals.

July 1 full capacity again

The researchers speak of “encouraging results” of the Fieldlab studies in the Beatrix Theater. For example, 98.4 percent adhered to the instructions. 80 percent of the visitors downloaded the CoronaMelder app in advance, so that source and contact research could be carried out easily.

The number of contacts within a meter and a half and lasting longer than 15 minutes was limited, especially during the theater pilot. This number was higher at the field lab conference, because people actively sought out colleagues and peers.

“It is very nice that we can work towards our goal: normal capacity in all the halls again on 1 July,” says Jolanda Jansen of Fieldlab Events in a response. “If the vaccination coverage goes up and the virus is further reduced, the ward capacity can also be increased.”

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