FC Groningen thinks penalty for PSV after VAR intervention is unfair

FC Groningen players and trainer Danny Buijs could not understand the penalty that PSV received on Saturday evening. The Eindhoven team won 1-0 thanks to the penalty kick used.

“It feels unfair. He shoots it from about 2 meters into my hand”, Groningen defender Wessel Dammers told ESPN.

The crucial moment happened shortly after the break. A shot from Donyell Malen hit Dammers’ outstretched arm. Referee Jeroen Manschot initially let play continue, but was later called to the side by VAR Kevin Blom. After Manschot had watched the images for a long time, he eventually awarded a penalty kick, from which Eran Zahavi made the only goal of the match.

Dammers thought it was “nonsense”, he said. “I get out to block the shot and just make a walking motion. I don’t move my arm towards the ball or whatever,” the defender grumbled.

Coach Buijs also questioned the penalty. “Dammers has his hand next to his body and then the question is whether it is in the penalty area. Very good that Jeroen and Kevin have noticed this”, he said cynically. “Even with a third repetition for a TV in Zeist, you don’t have the guarantee that they will always make the right decision.”

Manschot stuck to his decision to give a penalty kick after the game. “I can imagine that that handball will generate a lot of discussion”, the arbitrator said against ESPN. “But Dammers’ arm was off his body and the ball hit it. That is punishable, so I had no other choice.”

Dammers proud of Groningen performance in Eindhoven

Groningen mainly had to stop in the Philips Stadium, but the subtopper did that properly. PSV was the better team and was unlucky that three other hits were rejected by the VAR and the linesman.

“We were in good organizational terms,” ​​said Dammers. “Except for a few small moments when PSV came up with opportunities. But we managed to make it difficult for PSV until the final phase and we can be proud of that. That is why it is very sour that the VAR intervenes in this way.”

Even after the tight defeat, Groningen is still number six in the Eredivisie. The numbers five to eight will play in the play-offs for European football after the season.

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