Family shot dead Orpheo Gefferie Everyone talks but no one dares to snitch

In The Bank parking garage at Rembrandtplein, groups from Amsterdam-Zuidoost had fought after going out in the clubs Air and Blue Ivy. Orpheo had been shot while he seemed to want to calm things down.

The sister drives to the AMC with her younger brother. Their mother comes a little later with an aunt. “The receptionist wouldn’t say anything. We had to go to the family room. Two doctors reported that Orpheo had died, ”says his sister, who doesn’t want her name in the newspaper any more than her mother.

Only after a while she was allowed to go with her mother to her middle brother. At a distance. Meanwhile, “the hospital was chock-full of family and friends.” “Well, with boys who had been in the parking garage,” his mother likes to express herself more precisely.

One of the boys told Orpheo’s mother in the hospital what he said had happened. Mother: “He said, ‘I know who shot. Erxi, I know him, from (Bijlmerflat) Florijn. ‘ He mentioned more involved. I asked him: “Please go to the police, they must still be upstairs.” I will not repeat what he said, but he made it clear that he would not. ”

Orpheo’s aunt tried to persuade him. In vain. He promised to tell Orpheo’s father everything, but didn’t.

‘Erxi’ turned out to be Erxinio Luntungan (21). He was arrested in Valencia, Spain, after a long flight last week. On January 29, the judiciary had demanded – still in absentia – 15 years in prison against him, and 12 years against Darnell T. (22), who would have removed the firearm from the car on Luntungan’s order. The court sentenced both men on Friday up to 11 and 7 years in prison.

In a house full of grieving relatives, friends and acquaintances, the day of the shooting, his mother received a phone call from an acquaintance who mentioned the name of a criminal from Southeast. In the evening, the boy from the hospital called the same drug dealer. Erxi and his friends were said to be his ‘soldiers’, just like gangster rapper Joël H., stage name Joey AK, who was also in the parking garage.

Seven years ago, Orpheo fight with the conscious criminal. That conflict would have flared up two months before his death, during an illegal kickboxing tournament in the Bijlmer. There, a friend of Orpheo’s allegedly lost a bet to Joey AK.

The sister: “When that friend refused to pay, he would have been beaten up by Joey and his friends from (rap formation) Zone 6 I couldn’t believe it at first, because that friend is really big. Orpheo would eventually have jumped in. That would not have gone well. ”

His mother: “You have to be evil to be so angry that Orpheo stood up for his friend.”

After the brawl, the criminal is said to have told the boys of Zone 6 that he also had a bone to pick with Orpheo. His sister: “He would have put a price on Orpheo’s head. That whole story was told to us right after Orpheo’s death and is still going around. Everyone confirms it, but no one goes to the police. ”

In the criminal file, Joey AK is mentioned as present at the shooting, just like his friend ‘Genna’ Feller, who has now been liquidated, but they have never been suspects. Orpheo’s mother: “I have quite a fight with people because they don’t want to tell the truth.”

The public prosecutor stated in the lawsuit that evidence for the alternative scenario is lacking because everyone is silent. The sister: “Bijlmer people talk about it with each other, but not with the police. Fear and not wanting to be a snitch are higher than justice. ”

The mother and sister tell their story because they think the truth will be hidden if everyone keeps quiet. “We are happy that Erxinio has finally been caught, but of course he will not answer,” says the mother. “Then he should sit down.

Lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers of Joël H., rapper Joey AK, rejects the assertion that it played a role in this case. “There is no evidence under any circumstances that my client has had any interference, let alone involvement in or in this matter. Many people were there after going out and Joey would have been one of them. That he is a well-known performer seems to be the reason his name is mentioned here and not all those others.
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