Experts welcome the call to OMT member Gommers for more sport

Experts in the sports world are particularly pleased with the comments made by OMT member Diederik Gommers at BNR that the government should have focused more on sports and exercise at the start of the crisis. “He says what we have been saying for a year”, Professor Erik Scherder, professor of neuropsychology and member of the advisory body of the National Sports Council, told ANP. “Apparently his voice is louder than mine. But I’m happy with these statements. Let’s get right now.”

Scherder recently spoke about this with Gommers, but also, for example, with ministers Hugo de Jonge and Tamara van Ark. “I didn’t make it up,” says the professor. “I find it in the literature. Wherever you look, it says exercises and activities help against Covid. No doubt about it. Almost every patient suffering from this disease has reduced resistance. Exercise increases that resistance.”

“Everyone thinks it is logical, but hardly anyone does it”, continues Scherder. “Go outside, move and keep your distance. Enjoy the spring. Start now, right away, it is going well and do not think that this will stop when we are vaccinated. This should never stop. By moving and exercising more we can Help prevent future pandemics. Because we can do that with our own defense system. We must not pass up this opportunity in the coming decades. ”

‘Movement delay becomes too great and takes too long’

Gerard Dielessen agrees: “According to Diederik Gommers it is always good to exercise, to eat well, to sleep well and to lose some weight, and it also has a preventive effect. director of sports umbrella NOC * NSF. “In fact, we have been asking for nearly a year now to see sport as part of the solution to today’s health crisis. Now, after a year, we also see a new and longer-lasting health crisis coming our way. The movement delay is becoming too great and lasts. too long.”

Gommers says he would have preferred that young people and also older people had exercised a little longer, outside. But the more beautiful weather offers new opportunities. The Youth Council of the KNVB recently appealed to politicians to get permission to go to away matches by bike, in order to end the endless mutual parties at their own club. Scherder applauds the initiatives: “Everything is good. I also advise large educational institutions to simply let the children romp outside. As long as they move.”

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