Ex-bodyguard Britney admits heavy drug use singer

Fernando, a 40-year-old father of four, claims that Britney was under constant supervision, was not allowed to leave the house, had no access to her phone and that as a security guard he had to check all bags of any visitors. He was hired in 2010, just over a year after Jamie became a trustee. In the end, his employment lasted eight months.

“Every Friday a woman would come to Britney’s house with a bag full of medicines and I would have to explain to Britney what was what. So, for example, birth control pills and heavy antidepressants. And while she was very normal and approachable, you saw her change before your eyes. under the influence of those drugs, just as if she ended up in another universe and of course it was mainly about those heavy pills,” said the former bodyguard.

Jamie Spears would call the bodyguard three to four times a day to check on how things were going. Also Jamie would then give him permission to give Britney what she asked for at the time. “Actually she spent most of her time watching television or exercising, not much else. And when she felt down, she listened to James Brown’s song ‘It’s A Man’s World’.”

Now things are going a lot better with La Spears. After Britney announced during the last two sessions about the curatorship of her father Jamie that her driver’s license was taken by him and that her boyfriend Sam Asghari was also not allowed to drive her around, the singer has now been seen with her sweetheart driving the car herself. This was evident from an Instagram Story that Sam posted.

“All I want is to have my own money and for my boyfriend to take me somewhere in his f*cking car. Sorry to say it like that, but I’m really stuck here,” Britney told judge Brenda Penny on June 23. It seems that Britney has now been given a little more freedom of movement, following Sam’s video. The couple hum along to the song Lonely, a track from Britney’s third studio album entitled ‘Britney’.

Fans of the pop star are divided over the video. Many ‘Free Britney-ers’ still don’t trust her to actually have her own social media accounts again, nor do they trust Sam. Some fans believe he is also part of the curatorship and is paid handsomely to make Britney believe they are in a really loving relationship. Others think that he genuinely makes the singer happy and not after her money.

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