Egypt: A new partnership to implement the 5 highest towers in New Alamein

Cairo: “The Gulf”

Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, witnessed the signing of a contract for a project for the design and implementation of five residential towers in the New Alamein City, between the New Urban Communities Authority and the “C” company. S. C. Verse. “S” Chinese, via “video conference” technology.
Following the signing, which was attended by Dr. Mohamed El-Badry, Egypt’s ambassador to China, Liao Lichiang, Chinese ambassador in Cairo, Ju Jenchang, and the minister plenipotentiary from the Chinese embassy in Cairo, the Minister of Housing said that the project consists of five full-service residential towers.
The five towers overlook an artificial lake, and include the iconic “El Alamein Tower”, which reaches a height of 250 meters and consists of 68 floors, with a total of 465 thousand square meters. While the other four towers rise 200 meters, each tower consists of 56 floors, with a total area of ​​320 thousand square meters.
It is decided that these five towers will be implemented within 45 months, similar to the towers of the Central Business District in the New Administrative Capital, and with self-financing from the New Urban Communities Authority, as it was agreed that payment for all works will be done in Egyptian pounds.
Dr. Assem El-Jazzar explained, in his speech, that the El-Alamein Towers project, despite being an important milestone in the history of Egyptian construction, but it bears within it an important symbol not only for constructive cooperation between the Egyptian Ministry of Housing and its affiliated bodies and our Chinese partners, represented by the company «C . S. C. Verse. The Chinese S », rather it symbolizes the union of the two most ancient civilizations known to mankind since ancient times, which provided a model for the high human values ​​and cooperation between peoples, namely the ancient Egyptian civilization and the Chinese civilization.
The minister emphasized that this model of cooperation would not have taken place had it not been for the support provided by the Chinese and Egyptian governments, explaining that the Egyptian Ministry of Housing and its subsidiary bodies had started a cooperation program with the “C” company. S. C. Verse. S »China, with the project of the Business and Finance Center in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, has drawn attention, capabilities and expertise that characterize the company because it is one of the largest contractors in the world, and it provided the best examples of sincerity and dedication to work.
Liwa Lichiang, the Chinese ambassador in Cairo, affirmed that the relations between Egypt and China are strong, within the framework of the depth and strength of the comprehensive strategic partnership between them, expressing his honor to attend a very important moment for cooperation between the “C” company. S. C. Verse. The Chinese S », and the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, to implement the towers of the new city of El Alamein, stressing that this project will be implemented at the highest level of quality, and will provide a new example of fruitful cooperation between China and Egypt.
Dr. Mohamed Al-Badri, the Egyptian ambassador to China, expressed his happiness to participate in attending the signing of the contract for the implementation of the towers of the new city of El Alamein, stressing that the project will continue to bear witness with other buildings of the second modern urban renaissance in Egypt, stressing that the New Alamein City Towers project will be an important edifice and station One of the major stations for Egyptian-Chinese cooperation, stressing that the company, S. C. Verse. S »China is one of the 20 most important giant companies in the field of contracting in the world.
The head of the company, «C. S. C. Verse. The Chinese “S” that the cooperation between the company and the various departments in Egypt has a long history. The company entered the Egyptian market in 1984, and over the course of 37 years, it has implemented a group of excellent projects in Egypt, which testify to the deep friendship between China and Egypt.
The president of the Chinese company added that prominent members of the company will be sent to the project to enhance cooperation and solidarity, laying the foundation for the implementation of the project with the highest quality standards, and we trust the strong support of the Ministry of Housing, and with the help of the Chinese embassy in Cairo, and that our company will not disappoint the confidence of all parties in it, and it will set the example in The performance of the project, according to the quality and high standards, and will contribute with all its strength to the current Egyptian urban renaissance.

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