Easter doll is canceled after extension of corona measures

Easter doll in Schijndel is definitely cancelled. Now that the event cannot be held next month (September 3, 4 and 5) due to the extended corona measures, festival director Peter Sanders is pulling the plug.

The organization is very disappointed, says the festival director. Sanders finds it difficult to understand that Formula 1 in Zandvoort can be held with an audience and that football stadiums have been filled with supporters for some time now. “We receive 35,000 visitors a day during Paaspop, which is less than I have seen at PSV. At Formula 1, they now say that only a part of the full capacity of visitors is allowed, but it wouldn’t surprise me that Soon everyone will be welcome again.”

According to the festival director, it seems as if the event sector is being used as a symbol to keep the infection rate low.

Construction continued
The corona measures for the events sector would actually apply until September 1. Just in time for Paaspop, which would take place a few days later. Due to the extension, the party still falls into the water.

Despite the uncertainty, the organization stoically continued with the build-up. In the past month, visitors were already warmed up with the line-up. The program included Duncan Laurence, Chef’Special, Davina Michelle, Suzan & Freek and Typhoon.

‘We worked with all our might on the most beautiful edition’
“We worked with all our might to make this the most beautiful and special edition ever. We started building the festival with confidence and motivation to the bone,” the organization writes in a message to festival goers on Instagram.

“Today, appropriate for Friday the 13th, inky clouds are sliding in front of our rainbow. Our dream is still shattering.”

New edition
It is already the second time that Paaspop cannot continue due to corona. The organization has set new dates for 2022: April 15, 16 and 17. “Because Paaspop may have been hibernating for more than a year and a half, in the spring you wake up from your hibernation,” the organization writes to festival-goers.

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