‘Drinking and dancing with mouth caps is no fun’

Jump together to pumping basses. Selfies with four, five people at the same time. Kissing carefree. After a year without major concerts, a dance event and an André Hazes concert in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam had to give researchers from Fieldlab more clarity about what was possible. Beams of laser beams drew clean lines across the audience, balls of fire rose to the beat. There was a euphoric mood, everyone danced to each other. The masks were loose or they were completely off. It turned out to be bad flirting with such a thing.

It is interesting behavioral science at the Fieldlab event Back to Live in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. This first musical test event, with 1,300 negative young people, is running as you would expect, says researcher and OMT member Andreas Voss. “We initially see caution at all test events. But in no time they crawl back into the old habit: together. And here they notice: drinking and dancing with mouth masks is no fun. ” There is no wrong behavior. This experiment is exactly about how everyone behaves normally, including drinks and / or possibly party drugs. According to Voss, the chance of infection during these four hours together is minimal: 0.14 percent.

Fluorescent drinks

After a Congress, theater show by Guido Weijers and football match More than 180,000 people registered for the music events of Mojo Concerts & ID&T where Fieldlab is conducting research on the Lowlands site now and next week. ‘Only’ 1,300 were allowed to go to the dance party on Saturday; 1,300 went to singer André Hazes on Sunday. The condition: cooperation in all experiments. Corona tests, sensors, fluorescent drinks so that saliva splashes can be followed during dance, singing and cheering. There are air quality measurements from the dancers to the ceiling, cameras are everywhere.

Five different bubbles for 250 people and a completely free group of 50 people; information about contamination risks at events is pouring in. This is scientific dating. Is that fun? “It is already a dream to be here again. So unreal ”, laughs Laszlo Lieffering (23) who is dancing with Esther Koeckhoven (24). In their compartment in the middle of the room, they try to stay on the indicated dots. At the mellow house The first act Lady Bee succeeds, but the party quickly ‘turns on’. When the music becomes heavier, the popular DJ duo Lucas & Steve gives the atmosphere a big boost with a sampled Mark Rutte in full-fat ramdance, many cannot sustain that anymore.

Ancient acts

The directors of concert organizer Mojo Concerts and the Ziggo Dome are beaming on the first ring. “This is perspective,” says Mojo-Ceo Ruben Brouwer. “There are enough signs that they are done with it.” The Alliance of Event Builders has a concrete route plan: with rapid tests and vaccination certificates, festivals without a meter and a half should be possible again from 1 July.

The DJs – a line-up from the cuddly, worldwide popular dance segment – are ecstatic to be able to play again. Sam Feldt was in the middle of his big America tour a year ago when everything stopped. He was nervous, he admits after his show. “I suddenly thought much too long about old actions.” His audience enjoyed it. “We all miss the substance oxytocin. You noticed again that music connects and how nice contact with a stranger is. ”

A day later at André Hazes

“The trick is to keep drinking”, Marcel van Santen explains on Sunday in the purple bubble at André Hazes. In that compartment you may only take off your mouth mask when you drink. “But we really try to stick to the rules. It’s a matter of morals. ” But when Hazes comes on stage, the beers fly through the air and almost everyone in the purple box has taken off their mouth caps. Just give it a try She believes in me sing along with such a thing on.

Karin van Dijk is dancing a bubble away with her colleague. Last week they experienced a robbery on the gas station where they work. “The stress level was up to here. We really need this, we can finally let go of everything ”, she exclaims over the music.

It had been exactly a year since the last show in Ziggo Dome took place and that was Holland sings Hazes. Hazes says he feels the pressure that this experiment must succeed. To his audience: “If we all have ourselves tested afterwards, we can do this again from July and August.”

Unlike the day before, the public will be addressed on Sunday about the rules, says Pieter Lubberts of Fieldlabs. To see if that changes behavior. Several times from the stage the call for testing afterwards is heard – twenty percent of the visitors after a performance by comedian Guido Weijers did not do that. Minister De Jonge expressed his dissatisfaction with this, to Lubberts’ surprise. “We do not conduct medical research. We look at behavior. Only four locations have been made available by VWS in the Randstad, at very specific times, we had hoped for more distribution. I think that eighty percent willingness to test afterwards is high. ”

That the threshold for testing is high was already apparent on Friday evening at one of the four test locations in Maarssen. Visitor Lars van Wijngaarden drove from Ulft, near the German border, to Maarssen and will not be able to return before curfew. “I mainly go to go out again. It is part of being tested afterwards. ” A friend from Groningen sees things differently. “That is two times two hours of travel and I have to ask for time off again, because it is only possible during the day. I’m not going to do that. ”

A little bit in love

To a screeching guitar solo, fireballs continuously shoot up in front of the stage. A short while later Hazes runs across the floor to hear whether the audience reads the lyrics A little bit in love well know. Singing along is not the right term, it is roaring. “Live as if it were your last day!” A fan has climbed over the fence of her bubble to touch Hazes. She holds his hands and is then kindly escorted back to her place. The polonaise has started in the green bubble.

Hazes afterwards: “I thought it was historic. There were 1,300 people standing there, but they were shouting through my earplugs. It sounded as if the Ziggo Dome was completely full. ”

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