Doctor: Brazilian President Bolsonaro can leave the hospital quickly

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro may be allowed to leave the hospital on Sunday, the treating doctor reports. Bolsonaro was hospitalized on Wednesday for a bowel obstruction. He had been experiencing hiccups continuously for ten days.

“We expect him to be able to leave tomorrow,” said surgeon Antonio Macedo, head of the treating team at the Vila Nova Star private hospital in Sao Paulo. The president is on a special diet of soup and pureed food. If he tolerates that well, he can leave in the next few days.

Bolsonaro has had six operations since he was stabbed during the 2018 election campaign. He was hit in the abdominal area and most of the operations have been performed on the digestive system. The intestinal obstruction is also related to the stabbing a few years ago.

The president said the persistent hiccups for which he was initially admitted were related to dental treatment he had undergone in early June.

Bolsonaro, 66, said in a video conference that he is “going well” and looking forward to “going back to work”.

The president was first admitted to the military hospital of the capital Brasilia in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. When the diagnosis of a bowel obstruction was made, he had to be transferred to a private clinic in the metropolis of Sao Paulo. There were demonstrations outside the clinic by opponents of his policy. Supporters also attended to show their support.

Corona pandemic

The Brazilian president is under heavy fire for his lack of response to the corona pandemic. In the South American country, 541,266 inhabitants have already died from the lung virus. This makes Brazil the worst affected country in the world after the United States in absolute numbers.

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