Crown witness Nabil B. on secret iPhone: Suck it out completely Down to the last cent

Crown witness Nabil B. wanted to get the most financially out of his step to become a crown witness. “Totally suck it out. Down to the last cent,” he wrote to his girlfriend. He also seems to know that a previous crown witness received millions from the Public Prosecution Service. “The state is not allowed to give cash. Loan is in brackets. But can never repay it anyway.”

For a long time it hung like a dark cloud over the liquidation process of Marengo: the content of the controversial iPhone 5 of crown witness Nabil B. In August 2020, it was announced via this news site that he had secretly had a smartphone smuggled into his cell between September 2017 and February 2018, while he had previously denied under oath that he had a telephone. After months of legal battle, up to the Supreme Court, it was finally decided that a a large part of the chat messages retrieved by the police could be viewed by the lawyers of the suspects in the criminal proceedings.

Today, during the last day of the hearing before the trial is interrupted by the summer holidays, the cloud broke open with a loud clap of thunder and the messages were made public by Nico Meijering and Christian Flokstra, Mohamed Razzouki’s lawyers. He is one of the prime suspects in the trial and the former best friend of the key witness. The reports are very explosive: key witnesses may not receive financial compensation for their cooperation. Nico Meijering: ,,My client strongly suspects that the crown witness is playing a game and that this has to do with two facts: the crown witness wants more money and the crown witness fears further interrogations.”

‘No business without me. Maximum or bye’

The dialogues read aloud between Nabil and his girlfriend provide a shocking insight and show how the key witness experienced the negotiations with the Public Prosecution Service. At that time, the main suspect Ridouan Taghi is still on the run, and Nabil knows that the Public Prosecution Service desperately needs his incriminating statements. “No business without me. Point. I’m really done with them. They didn’t know me outside. Now they have a case with me that they finally have after years and then they want to give me a Fiat Punto hehehe. Fat cock. Maximum or bye.”

Nabil then writes to his girlfriend that financially the maximum must be obtained from his ‘switch’. “This is going to be the biggest case ever in terms of liquidations. Can we get the most out of it? Yes, first 62828 years to discuss etc so that everyone has a headache. Step away and you’re done? No way to suck it all out. Down to the last cent.” During the negotiations, he also constantly denounces Team Protected Witnesses (TBG), with whom he negotiates security measures. In the crown witness trajectory, the security aspect is a closed part, which is separate from the criminal process.

“Don’t trust those dogs. Enforce safe house’

It now appears that the negotiations on the security measures have been anything but smooth. ,,I’m going to cut it off with TBG. I’m going to arrange everything myself I don’t trust those dogs. Enforce safe house. And arrange everything yourself from there.”

Even today, safety is still a topical theme in the Marengo process. A month ago it was announced that Nabil B. is temporarily suspending his cooperation in the Marengo trial, because the safety of his family would be at stake. Further cooperation in the process would be irresponsible, according to his lawyers Onno de Jong and Peter Schouten. That situation has now been resolved, but his medical situation would prevent him from cooperating. His lawyers are unable and unwilling to explain what that precise medical situation is.

With the name of counsel De Jong, another very tricky point in the message traffic has been named. In the period that Nabil chatted with his iPhone, Derk Wiersum and Bart Stapert were still his lawyers. Nevertheless, Onno de Jong frequently appears in the chat messages. “Onno de Jong. Lawyer of Fred Ros. Has a lot of experience. (…) But is also a bit corrupt.” Fred Ros was a key witness in the Passage liquidation process and was assisted by De Jong.

‘The state is not allowed to give cash. Loan is in brackets’

Nabil writes to his partner that he knows how far he can go in the negotiations. ,,Luckily, I know what Fred Ros got. So he is now released incl. that money. Fred Ros has been given 1.8. Loan huh. So Onno knows exactly how far it can go. haha. I’m not crazy! Remember everything. Onno would love to be my lawyer. Has already given his ticket. Loan. haha okay okay. State is not allowed to give cash. Loan is in brackets. But can never pay it back,” says Nabil B. in his apps.

Nabil writes that he is going to make an appointment with De Jong. ,,I will soon be making an appointment with Onno de Jong. I’m going to interrogate that man. I know that Onno is horny. I know that. But go hear him.” The conversation ends with three emoticons of bags of money. What subsequently emerged from a possible conversation with De Jong is not apparent from the chat conversations. More than two years later, in July 2020, De Jong, together with Peter Schouten and in collaboration with Peter R. de Vries, indeed became the new counsel for the crown witness.

‘Lies for your own good are not lies’

Nabil B. also writes in his messages that he has read Astrid Holleeder’s books well and that he would like to talk to her to exchange experiences. “Read recognizable things,” he asks his interlocutor. “Lies for their own good are not lies,” he writes afterwards. He would like to teach the Public Prosecution Service a lesson with a book about his experiences. “If I ever write a book, I’m going to sew them hard. (…) If they want me as an enemy, no problem. But can be very dangerous. Book of Astrid is shit then.”

He also returns to the possibility of publishing a book in later conversations. On January 25, 2018, he will be in prison for almost a year, Nabil writes that he has been ‘quiet for 1 year and is now going to make himself heard’. “Now I’m going to make myself heard. This witness is going to make noise. Then everyone backs off. Astrid has a book that is minimal. When I write a book. Scare people have seen enough. Yes and people were already on their heads from her book. Can you check.”

‘They want to buy us off with poo’

The crown witness also says that he sees himself as the ‘golden chicken’ and that he will not be ‘bought off with poo’. After all, he didn’t just ‘went in’.. ,,This is the biggest case ever. They want to buy us off with shit. They want to give you minimum. I wasn’t stuck. Has been consulted. Chicken with golden eggs.”

‘I want to sew back the other side’

According to Nabil, several books could even be written. “If I’m going to tell everything in book from day 1 up to now. Then it’s already interesting let alone what’s to come. Trilogy becomes t. Lawyer also suggested that idea because I know a lot about OM. If money can be made with it, why not.”

In the messages, Nabil also writes about the TGB that ‘they have found out that Nabil cannot work for anyone’. “Weird how come. I managed to do it outside. With even more difficult people.” In any case, he announces that he is far from done. “Yes, we can only learn from this. Anyway. But I still have position. Go make them sick.” He also has a plan, because he doesn’t want to be belittled. ,,I’m not going to let myself be covered up just like that (…) Because the other side is now playing a dirty game. I would prefer to sew back on the other side.”

Not all messages released yet

The messages presented today by Meijering and Flokstra are not yet all messages sent by the crown witness. Another set, which has been sent to a brother and a sister, is currently being prepared for inspection. The examining magistrate decided last week that a number of messages had to be removed from this set.

Onno de Jong, the lawyer of Nabil B., says that he doesn’t mean anything at all‘ about the messages delivered today. The Public Prosecution Service will respond on Wednesday to what has been put forward today.

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