Corona outbreak in emergency shelter Hengelo

Corona outbreak in emergency shelter Hengelo

More than a fifth of the approximately one hundred asylum seekers who stay in the temporary emergency shelter in Hengelo (Overijssel) are infected with the corona virus. The infected refugees have been transferred to an ‘evasion location’ nearby, the municipality reports. The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) uses such a location to accommodate corona-infected asylum seekers.

The approximately one hundred refugees have been staying at the Hazemeijers complex in Hengelo for four weeks since the end of October, the municipality said. The infections came to light after one of the asylum seekers showed corona-related complaints last weekend and turned out to be positive.

On Monday, all residents were tested and 21 infections came to light. The residents tested negative will have to be quarantined at home for the next few days. Not all of them have been fully vaccinated yet, says the municipality of Twente.

According to Hengelo, “infections in these numbers” are now the order of the day and the outbreak in emergency shelters is therefore “not unique.” “But it is extra annoying for this group that the refugees who have tested positive have to be transferred to another location, while they have often already had a terrible journey. The refugees are now informed via interpreters about the rules that apply in the Netherlands in such a situation. Fortunately, they see the importance of the measures that are needed now.”

OMT meeting again

The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) will meet again on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the current corona situation in the Netherlands. The experts discuss with each other whether more is needed to curb corona in the Netherlands than the measures that came into effect last weekend. The OMT then advises the cabinet on what steps it can take. Since Saturday, people have had to show a corona pass in more places and wear mouth caps again in public indoor areas.

The experts of the OMT, including RIVM boss Jaap van Dissel, will update the cabinet on Thursday during a meeting in the Catshuis. The final decision will be made on Friday, after which a press conference will most likely follow with outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and corona minister Hugo de Jonge.

On Wednesday, De Jonge and outgoing minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) will discuss the state of affairs. There will also be various corona consultations for the rest of the week, including with the mayors who form the so-called Security Council.

Germany: most new corona infections

German health authorities have recorded the highest number of new corona infections in a day since the start of the pandemic, the Robert Koch Institute for Disease Control (RKI) reported on Wednesday.

There were 39,676 new cases on Tuesday, more than the previous record set last Friday. Then 37,120 new infections were registered. A week earlier, that number was 20,398.

The number of deaths in Germany also increased on Tuesday, the health institute said. According to the new data, 236 deaths were recorded in Germany, up from 194 daily deaths a week ago.

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