Comedian Jeroen van Merwijk (65) passed away Show

Last February, Van Merwijk announced the colon cancer diagnosis to have received. The disease also appeared to have spread. The comedian got the bad news from the doctor after he felt pain under his sternum. Various investigations followed in the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek hospital. ‘Last Friday I started a life-extending chemotherapy, which should ensure that I am still among people for a while,’ he wrote about his treatment at the time.

Jeroen van Merwijk grew up in Utrecht and Amersfoort in a family with 5 children. More than 30 years ago, Van Merwijk performed for the first time in the theater. Since then he has made thirteen theater programs as a soloist. The number South Africa marked his breakthrough as a lyricist. He wrote songs for Hans Dorrestijn, Adèle Bloemendaal, Karin Bloemen and Erik van Muiswinkel, among others.

In 2013 Van Merwijk announced the program There are still cards his goodbye to. Yet he was on stage again in 2015, together with his friend Harrie Jekkers with the program If we may be so free. In 2018 he again dived into the theater with his solo performance Lucky.

Despite his illness, Van Merwijk still made plans to do a final theater tour, in the form of a New Year’s Eve conference. However, in September 2020, the stage of his cancer made it clear that he had to stop plans for this performance.

Van Merwijk did still publish the book in 2020 Cancer for beginners from. In it he wrote about dealing with the disease. ‘There is a lot to laugh about as a cancer patient. Of course it is also tragic to be told that you are dying. But that is especially true when you are young. At my age, you’ve had most of your life. You have been able to develop yourself ‘, he said about it interview with this site.

Known Netherlands reacts sadly to the death of Van Merwijk. ‘The beautiful, firm, concession-free and talented Jeroen van Merwijk has passed away, and that makes me sad,’ writes Cornald Maas. And Humberto Tan: ‘Jeroen van Merwijk passed away … I wish all his loved ones much strength. In my last conversation with him, about his book, he was candid, gentle and inspiring. ‘

Colleague Jochem Myjer also pays tribute to Van Merwijk. Dear colleague, dear friend. Now probably at the top of the wine with Maarten van Roozendaal, ‘says Myjer, who shares one of Van Merwijk’s texts with the message.

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