Campaign update: Hoekstra acknowledges that not everything is going ‘smoothly’

A lot happens in the election campaign. We’ll keep you up to date with the most relevant events leading up to March 17th in our daily election update.

Hoekstra: Not everything goes smoothly

Anyone who admits during the campaign that not everything is going as planned will usually not be able to find the way up again. Asked about how the CDA campaign is running, party leader Wopke Hoekstra had to go opposite on Wednesday News hour recognize that “not everything goes smoothly”.

After all the turmoil surrounding the party leader election, little seems to work in the election campaign. For example, Hoekstra blundered with a round of skating with Sven Kramer, while indoor sports has been banned since December.

He also received scorn from the left with the proposal to shorten the unemployment benefit period. In the Radio 1 News the party leader on Thursday morning nuanced that this plan is something “for 2025 or thereabouts”.

It became painful on Tuesday when he was pushed into a corner by Jesse Klaver Pauw’s Election Debate, after he previously also did not score well in the RTL party leaders debate.

In the polls the CDA shrinks. Among other The Telegraph and NRC use words like ‘rough’ and ‘log’ in the same breath with the CDA campaign. Within the CDA the question would even be asked whether Pieter Omtzigt would not have been a better party leader after all. Internal grumbling is a bad signal for any campaign. Hoekstra has less than a week to turn the tide.

Rutte vs. Wilders

There does not seem to be much chance to accelerate with the CDA campaign a week before the elections. The last week is mainly dominated by Geert Wilders vs. Mark Rutte.

This is how the two meet on Thursday Pauws Election Debate Monday at One today and Tuesday in the NOS final debate. Hoekstra only gets time with Rutte in the latter.

De Volkskrant writes that it appears to be the result of a journalistic consideration that the various editorial teams have made separately.

Corona debate

It was expected that many parties would seize their chance to turn it into an election debate from Wednesday’s hour-long corona debate. However, it was rather a repetition of moves. Some parties hammered
on the reopening of higher education and the terraces, the anger about the curfew was not new either.

The group leaders saw no opportunity to distinguish themselves. Perhaps consciously, as long as it concerns corona, after all, Rutte seems to benefit.

The rule of law

At least seven of the fourteen party programs examined contain proposals that are contrary to the rule of law, it appears a analysis of a committee of the Netherlands Bar Association.

The list includes the CDA’s plan to be able to withdraw the asylum permit of radicalized people (in violation of various laws and treaties) and a proposal by the VVD to draw up black lists of fraudsters, including with parties outside government share (“can take persons for life
stigmatizing and thus violating the right to privacy “).

PVV leads the list. “With, among other things, the withdrawal of the right of residence of Syrians, the exclusion of migrants from Islamic countries, the advocacy of a complete asylum freeze, the closure of asylum seekers centers, an undifferentiated ban on spreading ‘Islamic ideology’ (schools, mosques and the Koran). and a
ban on the wearing of headscarves, the PVV undermines the foundations of our rule of law, “said the researchers.

Kaag: do not record medical ethical issues in coalition agreement

Sigrid Kaag does not want medical ethical issues to be laid down in a coalition agreement. “You should not make formation agreements about that. Issues of life and death are not a trade-off for me,” said the D66 party leader on Wednesday. NOS.

Her party came up with a private member’s bill on completed life, whereby people aged 75 or older who have a long-term wish to die are given the option of euthanasia. This previously submitted law passed
it is not in the current cabinet because CDA and ChristenUnie have positioned themselves diametrically against it.

Kaag now says he wants to stand up for the private member’s bill and the ChristenUnie in turn has already announced that it is a breaking point as far as the party is concerned. The chance that D66 and ChristenUnie will be back together in a coalition therefore seems small.

Special place in hell

“As Madeleine Albright (former US Secretary of State, ed.) Always says: there is a special place in hell reserved for women who do not support women,” said D66 party leader Kaag at RTL News Wednesday.

With this spicy statement, she responded to the importance of women speaking out against sexism.

Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld (CDA) added this week On 1 Prime Minister Rutte interrupts women earlier than men during meetings. She has addressed Rutte about this, along with others
female ministers.

Kaag, who became the subject of the hashtag #kutKaag, was forced to mention sexism several times during this campaign time. “I am telling you honestly, I also did not think that I would get to this point. That I would feel the need to advocate for equality between women and men in the Netherlands,” said the D66 party leader. a speech.

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