Cabinet plan: relaxation of catering, shops and education at the end of April

A draft opening plan has now been presented to experts to ease into a summer without corona measures in five to six steps. In the summer period, the goal is that no corona measures apply or only the basic measures, such as keeping your distance, washing hands and staying at home in case of complaints.

The release of the strict corona rules was discussed yesterday in the ministerial committee on corona control and in the security consultation. The draft plan is now first assessed by the experts of the OMT, the Outbreak Management Team.


The opening plan describes the first step that terraces and shops can open. Curfews can also be lifted. The number of visitors at home will be increased, from 1 to 2 people.

Other proposed relaxation are the opening of out-of-school care and secondary and secondary education. In addition, higher education can get back to work with access tests.

These eases could go into effect on April 21. “Finally a little air for society,” sighs a prominent politician.

Everything from the outside

According to sources, it now depends on the OMT advice whether these relaxations will also take place in this order. In each subsequent step in the opening plan, the measures are relaxed each time.

According to an insider, the cabinet chooses to open everything outside first. “After all, there is much less risk of contamination outside.”

Situation around epidemic

The contamination figures seem to be going in the right direction.

The so-called reproduction number is now 1.01. This means that the number of new infections remains roughly the same. The number of people who have now had corona and who have antibodies in their body is also increasing. According to the Sanquin blood bank, 20 percent of the population now has antibodies.

Calculations by RIVM would be even more optimistic and show that 30 percent of the population is now immune. That is also good news because it means that someone with corona can only infect two out of three people.

New press conference

Next Tuesday, April 13, the cabinet has scheduled another press conference. Then the easing will be announced for April 21. A press conference is then expected on April 28. That is a week earlier than planned, due to the commemoration of the dead on Tuesday 4 May.

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