Britt Dekker hands out sneer to Marco Borsato

He may – by far – be the Netherlands’ most successful pop artist of all time, the slipper with Iris Dog has the ‘ideal son-in-law’ image of Marco Borsato given a hefty blow. The singer’s story could already be read on page on Saturday Privately in The Telegraph, in the evening he joined Linda de Mol for a second interview about his eventful past year.

In Linda’s Winter Month, on SBS6, Marco stated that he had considered, among other things, stopping “with everything”. At one point the singer felt so bad about himself that he did not know whether he wanted to continue. “Maybe I’ll stop everything. Maybe I’ll get out ”, he thought aloud. “I have seriously considered that. That’s how deep I was. ”

‘Stupid asshole’

Just like in it Telegraphinterview, in which he speaks of self-hatred, Marco tells that he has trouble forgiving himself. Also because his eldest son was especially angry with him. He does emphasize the bond with his ex-wife Leontine and their children Luca, Senna and Jada is still very close. “They are loyal to both of us. That says something about the upbringing, the flexibility, ”says Marco, who sees his children every Thursday.

As expected, the TV appearance caused quite a stir on social media. And judging by the reactions, it is clear: either you are for him or you are against him. Proponents praise the singer for, among other things, the fact that he exposes his buttocks and is vulnerable. For example, someone writes: “He has burned out, went bankrupt and is divorced. It’s just intense and emotional, and yes: Marco is also just a human being. ” Another: “Yes Marco has been a very stupid dick, but he will sit down and admit it honestly.”

Victim role

But as said, not everyone agrees. For example, Marco is accused of ‘playing the victim’. “Seriously, as a woman, a guy who just put his dick in another woman really annoys me, and then plays the biggest victim. I can’t. ” Another viewer says: “I understand that it is especially bad for Marco Borsato that he has cheated on his wife all these years.”

Interviewer Linda would also be ‘not critical’ enough. “Marco Borsato has a lot of self-pity. Nothing about how awful it is for Leontine. Everything revolves around him. He was having such a hard time, he is being filleted. Girlfriend Linda defends him and keeps completing his sentences. What an actor. ”


Finally, Marco gets a sneer from it Britt Dekker, who couldn’t wait for the interview to be over. The presenter has been with Wendy van Dijk, the new presenter of SBS talent show We Want More and does not hide her opinion. “Sorry, because something you’re sorry is different from being sorry than it came true. And now hurry up because my grandmother, mom and I are waiting for We Want More! ”

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