Barbara Sloesen was ashamed of a large cup size: I wore my brother’s clothes

As a teenager, actress Barbara Sloesen (33) found it very difficult that her breasts were much larger than those of her peers. She wore “extremely large clothes” to hide her bosom and borrowed her brother’s pants and shirts. Today she is happy with her body. “The ‘girls’ sometimes even go out when I’m wearing a low cleavage.”

Sloesen, known for GTST and movies like Skirt day, recently posed in lingerie for a PrimaDonna advertising campaign. She had never dared to do that before. “That insecurity stems from my puberty,” she says in the new Beau Monde.

,,Suddenly I had a C-cup, as a 15-year-old, and before I knew it, it later became cup F. All the girls at school compared their breasts and I thought that was quite intense with my large cup. Friends were always surprised when they heard about my size: ‘That’s impossible!’ Yes, I managed to disguise them well. I was wearing extremely large clothes, my brother’s pants and shirts.”

The actress has often been seen on the silver screen with little clothing, but that feels very different to her. ,,On camera I dare to show more, also more of my body. Then my’ winsfuck it‘-mentality, that insecure little voice in my head. Then I can hide behind the character I’m playing; if he’s in lingerie on the couch and you see a roll, so what?”

Sleeping a hold in the drawer

Barbara now also feels good with her body outside of work. “This is what it is and it should be seen. Nowadays ‘the girls’ sometimes even go out when I wear a low neckline. Of course in a beautiful bra, preferably from lace.” Unlike singer Emma Heesters, who said this week she swears by matching lingerie sets, it doesn’t all have to be perfect with Barbara. “I also have mornings where I reach into my lingerie drawer half asleep and then it doesn’t matter if it fits together completely.”

Barbara hopes she will inspire other young women with big breasts to embrace their bodies too. “Now I know that I shouldn’t let my self-image depend on the opinion of others. There will always be people who find one prettier or the other prettier… It’s about how we look at ourselves.”

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